Jak przygotować buty i dbać o nie zimą

Winter boots have to withstand much – from heavy rain to snowstorms. There is a high probability that after the winter seasons, they will look terrible. How to prepare shoes for this time to prevent this situation? How to prepare shoes? We know the way. Below are some useful tips that will help your winter shoes last at least until the end of the season.

Take a thoughtful shopping decision

The first step to protecting your shoes is to buy the right footwear. What does it mean? Well, the point is that winter boots are really adapted to the conditions in winter. If you live in a place where winters are wet and raining a lot, buying shoes that are made of suede is the most ill-considered decision you can make. Why? Because moisture and salt will cause unsightly-looking stains on the shoes and shoes will only be suitable for being thrown away.

If you still want to buy suede boots for the winter, remember not to wear them when it rains heavily or when there is a lot of snow on the sidewalk. The best way to buy the right footwear is to thoroughly analyze what type of footwear works best and at the same time will have a reasonable price!

„Hydrode” your shoes

Regardless of your choice, it is recommended to invest in making them waterproof. Take appropriate preventive measures. There are many resources available on the market that you can use to make your footwear water resistant. One of the most popular alternatives is the use of an aerosol agent. Spraying this type with a spray of shoes will make them more resistant to water and salt stains will not appear on their surface. Oils, waxes and other such measures will also meet your opinion. There is a really wide selection of suitable preparations on the market. Just choose one of them and your shoes will last longer.

Remember, however, that the middle measure is uneven. Take some time to find the right product that will protect your shoes. WD-40 will also be perfect for this role . Yes, you see well – WD-40. Thanks to it, winter shoes will become waterproof. Cover them with WD-40, and create a protective layer on them that will stop the water from penetrating the material on the shoes. Thanks to this, you will protect them from damage due to contact with water. If it seems too good to be possible, try WD-40 on a small piece of footwear and see for yourself!

Remember to clean out stains and salt

Do you live in an area where salt is used to dissolve snow and ice? If the answer is yes, be sure to clean your shoes immediately after returning home. Why is it so important? Thanks to this, you can easily get rid of the salt footprints and the material from which the shoes are made will not be destroyed. What’s more, if you have any metal on your shoes, the salt left will cause them to rust.

Although you can prevent many problems by using a protective coating with WD-40 before leaving the house, the real magic of this preparation is revealed when removing the negative effects of not doing it before. This means that in addition to waterproofing shoes for water, WD-40 also helps remove all traces of salt that will be on the surface of shoes. All you need to do is spray the stain with WD-40 and leave it for a moment and then wipe the shoes with a clean cloth.

Keep your shoes clean

Regardless of how much attention you devote to your shoes, they are exposed to external factors anyway. To reduce their wear, be sure to clean your shoes immediately after returning home. Simply wiping with a cloth with dirt is enough to prolong the life of your shoes. If your shoes are made of leather (you are lucky!), Make sure to polish them often. Appropriate maintenance can extend the life of your footwear.

The magic of WD-40

As you have already seen above, the WD-40 is the ideal preparation for shoes before going to the snow. It not only protects against destruction, but also works wonders if the damage is visible.

With a little bit of passion for shoe maintenance and the WD-40 can, you can be sure your shoes will be ready for the upcoming snowstorms!


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