Wiosenne porządki w ogrodzie

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Do you see the first signs of spring? We say goodbye to the winter and welcome with a sunny spring smile. There is a lot to do in your garden, winter has left clear souvenirs in it. Involve everyone in your garden, work for everyone. You only need the right equipment, good organization and, of course, willingness. Spring cleaning in the garden is really not terrible.

Prepare garden tools

Whether you’re cleaning at home, cooking in the kitchen or preparing for the spring, you need to make it easy. To bring them to the state of the rest of the world, you need to get rid of the dirt and corrosion. For this purpose, you can use WD-40, which is a good idea for the garden in autumn.

Remove dirt

Before you start trimming trees and shrubs, plants, plants, roads and sidewalks. In algae and lichens, algae and lichens, algae and lichens. You will need water, a brush and a mild detergent. With greasy soiling, you can deal with the WD-40 , which effectively removes and displaces moisture.

The condition of spring is also a good time to check the condition of your garden furniture. If they are wooden, be careful, washing with a damp cloth and using a special wood preparation. Metal elements you can clean. WD-40 , and wicker furniture with the addition of citric acid.

Take care of plants

Now we will take care of your plants. We start with deciduous trees, they are too old and grow too densely. The end of March is also a good time to get rid of winter shields. We cut the inside of the crown. This is a very important thing for you. If you are not already married, it can be ransacked. Certainly there are branches of trees, leaves and dry grass on it. This will allow grass to grow faster.

Now we will devote some attention to the rebates. We divide the bark and peat, and then leave it as a bedding. Leaves, straw and tree branches can be used as good ingredients for compost. We also cut faded inflorescences and clean perennials from dried leaves.

A few valuable tips

March is just the beginning of spring cleaning. At this time, it is very nice and it’s very clean, it’s a terrace, balcony and stone paths. Shives that shed leaves for the winter, not before. Immediate securing of shrub and tree cuttings is necessary. Furniture made of wood must be replenished, while at the same time leveling their surfaces. You can also decorate your garden.

The days are getting longer, the sun is more and more … The spring is getting closer! And are your first signs in your garden?


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