W jaki sposób usunąć rysy z lakieru samochodowego?

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Do you enter the garage and suddenly it turns out that it is too narrow? Do you leave the car in the car park and an unpleasant surprise awaits you on your return? Are you twisting and unexpectedly appear behind you a bollard who was not there before? Driving a car is difficult and full of situations that we can not explain, but there are visible traces on its car body that reveal something unpleasant.

Scratches disgrace the vehicle. Some people decide to paint, unfortunately often independent, which does not end in a perfect effect each time. Others, in turn, are looking for alternatives, perhaps more effective, less expensive and easier? So, how to remove scratches from car paint?

Inconspicuous marker

It is not difficult to confuse it with a painting pencil, which in the drawer of your child is probably a whole lot. There are also pencils for adults, or actually markers that work perfectly as a helper in removing scratches on the car’s body. This is a special marker, thanks to which you will discover the artist. Just paint it with a damaged and ready place. Simple, right?

Unfortunately, the obtained effect does not last long. Depending on the marker, scratching will become visible again after the first visit to the car wash, sometimes its durability is longer. Another problem is the right choice of color. You need to demonstrate very high precision, knowledge and recognition of shades, as well as accuracy of performance. The solution is good, but it is better.

Polishing with emulsion

An option for larger professionals for whom both the good product and the obtained effect count. If you do not choose a car scratch marker, you can choose a lacquer emulsion. Apply a small amount of the preparation to the damaged area and thoroughly polish the surfaces until you get a beautiful shine. It’s not over yet! In order to protect your car from further scratches, it is worth to cover the bodyshell with wax.

Emulsion for varnish in addition to removing scratches, it additionally refreshes the appearance of a tarnished color. Deep red, juicy green or perhaps elegant black? The color of your car will take on a new character. However, this is not an effective solution for deep scratches. It may not stand up to the task.

After the adventure in the parking lot

The parking lot is crowded, especially in the city center and at rush hour. Cars are located very close to each other, sometimes it is difficult to open the door without meeting the body of the vehicle standing next to it. The result is of course scratches. There is something that you always have in such situations you should have at hand, maybe you have, because many men have this preparation in their car. It’s WD-40, you can use it to remove delicate scratches, if of course there are no dents.

Spray the scratch with WD-40 and wait a few seconds. Now you can wipe it with a cloth. In this way, you will get rid of scratches and remains of the varnish in a different color. Let’s have less of such unpleasant parking situations.

Forewarned is forearmed

Unfortunately, a Pole wise after injury and not always insured. This time, however, it is worth avoiding scratches, which are often difficult to remove. Every two months, cover the body with a layer of wax. There are several types available on the market. Synthetic spray are easy to use, natural waxes give a faster effect. After each use, polish the surfaces and wipe off excess product. In this way, you protect your car paint from damage. No post is terrible for you, parking will become a place less dangerous for the appearance of your vehicle, while everyday driving on gravel or mud will not leave behind unsightly souvenirs. And in case of delicate scratches, you have in the boot WD-40 .



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