10 pomysłów na zastosowanie WD-40® w okresie Świąt Bożego Narodzenia

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During the Christmas period, WD-40, which can keep in the shed, can be used for more than just hinged grease. This preparation is known for loosening screws or not. But that’s not the end. Show your ways to use WD-40 during the family holidays , and do not hesitate to use it.

The best survivors say: „Even the heaviest terrain can be overcome using two things: gray adhesive tape and WD-40 . So if you have a survivalist line in you or just fancy an adventure, here are 10 great WD-40 applications:

  1. He distributes glasses that are stuck one inside the other

Imagine that you need to make a glass for Christmas Eggnog, and when it comes to the middle of another glass. Do not risk breaking by trying to separate. Reach for the WD-40 can and spray the glasses gently. After a moment they will be more easily. Remember to use the WD-40 before you use them.

  1. He quickly removes children from the walls

WD-40 is also a genius cleaner. Its a multi-purpose formula. During Christmas, children seem to be everywhere, tangled under his feet. They leave traces of their presence on walls, shelves, doors etc. For WD-40 traces of a pen or crayons are not a problem. Spray WD-40 on a sponge or a soft cloth and wipe the pencils from walls or furniture.

  1. It destroys cockroaches and repels insects

With the WD-40, you can control the insects, insects or spiders in your home. Spray the intruder with a small amount of WD-40 – it will deter it. Alternatively, you can use a small amount of sills, window frames or door frames. It will protect you from the appearance of unwanted insects.

  1. Removes stains from kitchen worktops

Quickly and easily get rid of stains after the Christmas dinner. Sponge sprayed with this preparation, wipe off the countertops. Finally, wash the table with water and liquid so that you do not have any leftover WD-40 left.

  1. Removes the chewing gum from the hair

This bbc when chewing gum gets tangled in their children’s hair. bbc when chewing gum gets tangled in their children’s hair. However, with the help of WD-40, you do not have to reach for the scissors. Spray the place where the rubber is easily peel it off.is easily peel it off.

  1. Removes dirt from sneakers

Removing dirt from new sneakers can be very annoying. Especially that I would like to show them to my family and friends. Removing mud from shoes is also not fun. Thanks to the fact that WD-40 displaces water, it will help to protect your shoes. Just a few minutes before you clean them.

  1. Removes strong scratches

During Christmas, the movement at home increases, and so the risk of scratches increases. By spraying them with WD-40 you can easily get rid of them. Wipe them with a cloth only. You can do it on all hard floors. Remember to finally clean the surface thoroughly, because leaving WD-40 on the floor will make it very slippery.

  1. It makes the beings waterproof

This application is one of the most popular during the holiday season. It happens when you get it. WD-40, so it will be protected during the winter. If you walk often in them, the activity will have to be repeated.

  1. Cleans the toilet bowl

. Having a shiny toilet bowl. Without genie or specialty products. Thanks for the WD-40 can, your toilet will be clean even after many rinses. Just sprinkle the shell with this preparation. Now you just have to rinse it. The solvent inside the WD-40 will help you keep the toilet bowl without stains.

  1. Removes snow from the shovel

Thanks for the shovel with WD-40, snow will not stick to it. It will just slide off of it. If you often use a shovel to remove snow, the operation must be repeated.




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