Jak szybko wyczyścić silnik ze smaru

Are you struggling with the problem of a dirty engine? Wondering how to clean the engine from the grease? Do not worry, you do not need a professional to take care of it. Considering the resources available for san market, you can safely do it yourself. All you need is a few tools (mainly a degreaser) and you can clean the engine yourself with grease:

Preparation of the engine for cleaning

Before you actually start to clean the engine, you have to prepare it. But how to do it? Through the so-called Initial cleaning. Here are tips on how to do it:

Removal of impurities

The first thing you need to do is remove any debris that may be in the engine compartment. It means getting rid of everything that should not be there. Grass, twigs, leaves, paper or other such things should be removed, because they can affect the operation of the engine.

Protection of what needs to be protected

Cleaning will require the use of water, right? Unfortunately, the water can damage the electric parts in the engine and fuse fuses. Of course, there is a way to avoid this: remove the battery from the engine and clean it separately. To do this, you have to disconnect both of the keys. Then cover all protruding wires and other element. Cover the foil with an element such as candles or loose cables. Thanks to this, the water will not be terrible.

Starting the engine

But we were probably in the process of preliminary washing, right? Do not worry; Firing the engine is part of this process. How is it? Well, let’s say it’s easier to get rid of grease when the engine is warm. The best solution is to start the engine. In all seriousness, turning on the engine for about 5 minutes is enough to get rid of the current grease and dirt.

Washing „right”

After completing the pre-cleaning, you can go to the right part. Here are a few things you need to remember to ensure the best possible „service” for your engine:

Use a degreaser to get rid of grease and dirt

The time has finally come to clean the engine from the grease. You will need help in the form of degreaser for this. There are many such measures on the market. When using a degreaser, care must be taken not to spray painted parts on it, as it can remove the paint. In addition, you must always follow the recommendations from the manufacturer.

The more dirty the engine, the more time it will need the degreaser before it works. According to the current rule, leave the preparation on the engine for about 3 to 5 minutes and wipe it off. It’s best to do it with a scourer. If you use a good quality product, cleaning will not require the use of a large amount of force. However, you must equip yourself with eye protection before proceeding with this work. After cleaning, rinse the engine with water. Make sure that all sensitive parts are covered with foil (as it was previously recommended).

Wash the car

When you clean the engine, why not wash the whole car? Washing the car immediately after using the degreaser, will make that even if it is on the surface of the car, it will be washed off before it can do any damage.

End of work

After removing the grease from the engine, the other element should also be cleaned. For example, battery clamps with a wire brush. Remember that the car works as well as you care for it.

If you do not feel confident cleaning the engine yourself, trust a professional.


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