7 zimowych moto gadżetów

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Everyday short drive to work, weekend of the year, what do you need to do? Be prepared for short and long routes, forget about getting started with steamed windows. Do not be afraid that the lock in the door will freeze, and wet ski boots will dirt the entire boot. Here are 7 moto gadgets that have to be in the car.

1. Window defroster – save time

In winter you have to get up at least half an hour earlier? Your biggest morning worry are frozen windows in the car? The problem can be dealt with using defrosters for liquid glass . After applying it to the glass surface, it removes ice and snow, melting them in just a few seconds. Their effectiveness has up to – 40 of C . Some preparations can also be used for defrosting locks .

2. Moisture absorber – good visibility and health benefits

It is small in size and almost invisible. Until recently, moisture absorbers have been used in homes, flats and public buildings. Their main task is to maintain proper air humidity, which prevents the appearance of fungal and bacterial growth. It was also noticed that they can perform very well in cars. Moisture absorbers help to deal with steamed windows and unpleasant odors.

3. Invisible wiper – a clear improvement in driving quality

Water on the front of the fast, especially in winter, is a problem for many drivers. Wipers do not always cope with the excess, which significantly reduces visibility. Invisible wiper is a preparation that quickly and effectively drains the water from the 55km / h. It should also be used for the build-up of dirt.

4. HUD display – the most important data in sight

Recommended for drivers, especially during winter, when it is very difficult. HUD, or Head-Up Display, is a visually displaying driver displaying the most important information for him. The important thing is that they are displayed on the driver’s vision. This allows him to stay focused while controlling important driving parameters.

5. Frost defroster – when the door resists

I think every other driver was trying to fight with the door. This is one of the common problems, but it is very simple. This is a small spray preparation , it fits perfectly in a ladies handbag and pocket of a men’s jacket. Spray the frozen castle, wait a few seconds and try again to open the door from the car. This time it will definitely work.

6. The trunk mat – take care of the cleanliness of the car

All-day skiing on the slope? Wet ski boots land in the trunk. Effect? Wet and dirty surface that needs to be dried up again and clean properly. The rubber mat to the luggage compartment keeps it clean even under extreme conditions. This is an offer for a pedant driver.

7. Scraper with a glove – a good “warm” grip

Removing frost or snow when the temperature drops below zero is a big challenge. With the help of glove comes with a glove. Now you can deal with snow and frost very quickly.

Do not be surprised by the winter, be prepared for difficult conditions, for snow, frost and low temperatures. Compose your own winter driver’s essentials.


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