Czyste płytki łazienkowe – jak to zrobić perfekcyjnie?

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Tiles are the most commonly used solution in the bathroom. It is the most practical and thus eliminates the need to refresh the walls frequently. In many people, however, the pressure increases when you think about cleaning them. Not all dirt is removed easily, often unsightly streaks, and the remains of soap gather in the joints. Does washing bathroom tiles have to be such an unpleasant duty?

Most people opt for cleaning products, believing that they have been designed to work effectively in removing even the most strenuous dirt. How disappointed they are when the expensive measure does not help them achieve the desired cleanliness in the bathroom.

We can use professional means to clean bathroom tiles, as well as use what most of us already have in our home.

Fighting dirt with specialized means

This is the easiest way, but not necessarily effectively. If specialist chemistry does not remove dirt, then nothing else can help – some say. They are available at drugstores and chemical stores at various prices, in the form of liquids, gels and lotions. It is worth, however, before using them to read their composition, it may turn out that instead of removing dirt from ceramic tiles, it will destroy them and deprive the aesthetic appearance. It is a big mistake to apply a large amount of the preparation to the surface in relation to the amount of water. The correct proportions are important.

If you choose a chemical, first clean the tiles with dust, wipe them with a slightly damp cloth, which will allow you to open the ceramic pores. Then you can use a suitable detergent, this time reach for the sponge, but watch out for its roughness, so as not to damage the ceramic surface. It remains rinsed with lukewarm water.

Home ways

After thoroughly cleaning the tiles, you still see the dirt? With a particularly difficult mix of soda, vinegar and water, all these three ingredients are at your fingertips in your kitchen. First, however, test the agent you have prepared, check that it does not damage the ceramic surface, its use should not cause any undesirable effects, however, every time you use a new “preparation”, it is necessary to carry out such an attempt for safety. Rub the center in the tiles and grout, then rinse thoroughly with water, which will allow you to avoid unwanted stains.

You can do the same for stone, vinegar and baking soda very well. There are other ways! Put a solution of ammonia or baking powder into the dirty joints. We will achieve similar results using the universal formulation WD-40 , practically every man, more and more often also women, has it at home. It can handle both stains on tiles and stones in fugues. The surfaces are clean, so now we’ll make sure they shine. Spread the newspaper with ammonia and rub it into the tile. This is the end of your bathroom cleaning, which looks much better now, right?

Do you know that also cosmetics, i.e. lipstick, mascara and nail polish, can you remove with WD-40? It’s dirt often appearing on ceramic tiles in the bathroom, on the walls and floors. In a hurry, the make-up leaves behind such unsightly souvenirs, but not forever! Use chemical resources wisely, according to their purpose, and give your home the chances of being able to prove yourself. You may no longer need specialist help …


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