MOTO WOŚP – kierowcy wspierają Wielką Orkiestrę Świątecznej Pomocy

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This is the 26th finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, for the 26th time Poles are getting involved in helping sick children. This time the event was accompanied by the slogan “For equal opportunities in the treatment of newborns”. As every year, motocross, demonstrations and racesand races were held in several Polish cities. Passion combined with help always successfully accomplishes the intended goals. How did the driver help you this year?

MOTO WOŚP in Biłgoraj

Automobilklub Biłgorajski at ul. Motorowa on the Autodrome carried out the Moto WOŚP. Among the involved automotive enthusiasts were enthusiasts of roadsters, drifting and rally cars. There were also collectors of vintage cars, so everyone could help and have fun.

In addition to the fun and demonstrations, automotive articles were auctioned, and the money collected, of course, was donated to help children as part of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Rzeszów also helps

Drivers and motoring fans also gathered at the Farny Square in Rzeszów. A few hours of adrenaline and emotion, which was guided by a noble goal. Everyone who had a valid driving license, a car with a current technical examination, a helmet and paid civil liability insurance and NW insurance could take part in the event.

To overcome the kilometer route, it was necessary to support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, throwing any amount into the box. Drivers started from Parish Square, and the finish line was at the roundabout near Moniuszki Street. There were plenty of attractions for enthusiasts of fast driving. They could admire the Subaru Impreza WRC, the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO GSMP series and the BMW E36 in the DRIFT specification.

Krakow supports the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

Motowdarzenia on January 14 could not be missing in Krakow. The event was organized by the Quadowa Grupa Południe, SMGP, Dragons Flying from Wieliczka and Drift Paradise. Moto Orchestra has been helping for 3 years, offering motoring enthusiasts an exciting attraction. This year, participants could take part in drift taxi, quad taxi, as well as ride with rally drivers. The event was accompanied by cabaret performances and concerts, as well as auctions.

Warsaw fans of motorization with a good heart

Moto Orchestra also played at Bemowo in Warsaw. The event was attended by, among others Kajetan Kajetanowicz, Krzysztof Hołowczyc, Filip Nivette, as well as other drivers. You could bid for, among others a ride with these players, which was definitely a motivation. For the second time a blood donation bus appeared on the square, anyone who showed good health could give blood. time a blood donation bus appeared on the square, anyone who showed good health could give blood. A year ago, the Moto Orchestra in Warsaw managed to collect 30 liters of blood, this year the organizers had an appetite for a record.

The event began at 12 o’clock parade through the streets of Bemowo. Traditionally at 20 a light was sent to the sky from the Autodrome.20 a light was sent to the sky from the Autodrome.

We help with passion

Everyone can help as much as he can on this day. More and more people, organizations and associations are involved in the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Automotive fans are also not indifferent, for a few years in every corner of Poland, they have been organizing auction, rallies and motor events to make their brick for new equipment for those who need it most. Drivers not only help financially, but also share their passion, infecting young and older generation. This is the time when we are throwing the 5th gear and we do not slow down, we give 100% and we are glad that there are more and more of us, drivers, motophans with big hearts.


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