A to plama! Jak usuwać te trudne plamy?

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Moment of inattention and there is … a stain on the home tomato’s mom, French red wine, chocolate, which we ate at night. Often, these stains remain on clothes, rugs and tablecloths after washing in the washing machine in chemicals. We must say goodbye to the new blouse, put a napkin on the tablecloth and buy a new pants this month. Are you sure? What are effective ways to deal with difficult spots?

Sweet and chocolate

Most often, they appear as a packet of cookies or chocolate. The stain on the blouse, however, reveals our sweet sins. Stains from chocolate and cocoa are easier to remove, soaking the fabric in milk. Then just wash them in the water with the addition of soap or detergent. Another way is to sprinkle the stain with salt, in this case, after the sweet feast, after which we have to wash the machine.

Especially chocolate can cause important trouble. If the above methods did not help, up to three times the art. Apply yolk and glycerine on the stain, leave for a few minutes and wash. Managed to?

Tomato problems

They make a delicious tomato soup, produce ketchup and pasta sauces, and decorate it. Tomato! Stains from fresh tomato sauce for a long time, and sometimes even forever. What to do with this? Immediately rinse the dirt with cold water. Then, wash the fabric in a washing machine or soak it in a solution of borax and water.

And if the stain is already dried up? It turns out that we still do not know everything at all. For tomato stains on fabrics – clothing, tablecloths and rugs, the universal center of WD-40 helps . Remove any remaining sauce, then apply the preparation, leave for a few minutes and then wash it. Finished!

Children’s dirt

Your blouse stained with ink. It even happens to be the best, and for children, small work-related accidents are forgiven. You do not have to throw away your clothes right away. Try to face the challenge. In hot water, dissolve the salt, and then pour in the dirt with alcohol. Lemon juice will also work well. You will get rid of dirt on pencils and pens using alcohol or acetone.

After Saturday’s feasting

A glass of wine, then the second one in the morning. You can sprinkle it with salt and soak in cold water. The baking soda will also be suitable. There is another, very interesting way, stains on red wine removes … white wine! Put the dirt on it in the washing machine. In this case, you can also use WD-40 . It helps, especially with older spots.

Fruit spots

 Fruit juices tamed with gray soap, old, good way for our grandparents.

Difficult stains do not mean mean with your favorite clothes. A few proven tricks will help you delete them. No panic, you can handle any dirt easily.


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