Prezenty dla taty majsterkowicza

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Every year, at the same time is a special day, the celebration of the coolest men, super heroes of little boys, the ideals of several-year-old girls, fathers on whom a son and daughter of all ages can. June 23 is their day, it’s a great opportunity to thank them for their care, support, and for being and we can always count on them. In addition to the wishes flowing from the bottom of my heart, it is good to think about a small gift. If your dad likes to tinker, he spends hours in his home workshop, we have some suggestions for you. Check out the best gifts for DIY dad.

Practical toolbox

The garage does not always have perfect order. Screws, drills, hammers and screwdrivers are everywhere, and your dad often loses valuable time to find them. The toolbox will let you have all the tools and accessories you need at hand. He can take it, for example, when you ask him for help in turning furniture or repairing the front door. Choose a case made of metal or high quality plastic, secured with a buckle to prevent accidental opening.

For the artist’s dad

Men are artistically talented, which they do not always like to publicly praise. Let him use his potential, giving him, for example, a wood burning machine. Thanks to it, it will decorate your mother’s kitchen equipment, create an original bookmark for you, and a wooden tool box for yourself. Modern wood firing tools can also be used to decorate leather and cork.

Mini Multi-Tool

A universal, small gadget that is useful in any situation. With his help, your dad will cut the right length of the wire, open a bottle of wine on the beach during a romantic evening with his mother or tin can, while on a camping holiday with his friends. The Mini Multi-Tool can be equipped with a few to a dozen different tools that are useful at home, on vacation, car travel and in the garage with minor repairs.

Chocolate tools

Sweet set for daddy’s dad. Chocolate tools are a great combination of a tasty gift from a man’s hobby. Perhaps with their help, they will not repair the leaking tap and will not change the wheel in the car, but it will certainly make a smile on his face. Carefully made of chocolate pliers, hammer, French key and screwdriver is a sweet dessert and addition to the afternoon coffee.

Necessary tools

Every DIY enthusiast should be equipped with a screwdriver, a grinder, a battery screwdriver, a set of drills and a drill. Is one of them missing in your dad’s toolbox? If so, then surely such a gift will make him happy. Men appreciate practical gifts that they can use every day. Look into your dad’s garage and conduct a secret investigation, which your dad does not already have, and it would certainly make day-to-day repairs easier.

A product with thousands of applications

WD-40 is known to every man. With its help you can repair the creaky door, carry out the renovation of the bicycle, protect the metal elements from corrosion, restore the aluminum rim glow, remove dirt from oil and grease, restore the power tools, but also nurture the leather upholstery in the car, remove scratches from the paint and loosen rusted screws. Universal measure WD-40 is the perfect gift for a handyman, it rescues from oppression and is reliable in many situations at home, in the garage, in the yard and on the road.

There is not much time left, on June 23 it is fast approaching, and your dad deserves a special gift. Best wishes for all fathers in the world!


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