Wypieranie wody – jedna z funkcji WD-40®

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Ah! WD-40 and displacing water is a love story. How is this possible? These two letters of the alphabet are the magic acronym „Water Displacement”. To describe this story, a good poet would be needed.

In all seriousness, the WD-40 really does what it says – displaces water. Among other things, WD-40 can treat arthritis. Certainly, the history of pushing water is not so mythical. To put it concisely, the WD-40 is the best water displacement spray.

It is an adhesive tape and WD-40 . If something should not move – use a gray adhesive tape. However, if something does not move and should – the situation will save WD-40. The fact that WD-40 displaces water for really many goals. As is well known, water causes many problems. Below are some examples of what a water displacement spray can be used for:

Protection against rust and corrosion

Who does not annoy the view of rusty metal or corroded surfaces? Imagine that you have bought a new metal for your living room, until it is completely eaten by rust. Of course you have to be careful when buying metal items. It should be remembered that the formation of rust.

For this reason, it can be protected with water and moisture or not. Here comes the WD-40 with its water displacement function. It has only established problems. WD-40 Smart Straw was just for this purpose. WD-40 Smart Straw has two uses – a narrow and wide stream. Thanks for this you will not miss any place.

Removing moisture from electrical tools

When it comes to electric tools, water becomes the number one enemy. It is not only destroys the circuits, which is also not desirable. WD-40 can be used to remove water from other circuits.

Using the WD-40 Smart Straw in this case is the ideal solution. Thanks to the flexibility of the straw, you can use it wherever you want. Such accuracy is displacing water from circuits. Fortunately, the WD-40 is ready for it.

Preventing the oxidation of battery terminals

Regardless of the water in the water. The battery is in a big nuisance. Each of us watched the scene where the car driver is trying not to smoke. Often the reason of the corrosion of the battery terminals.

There are many measures to clean up from the battery terminals; however, few of them are able to protect them from corrosion before it. The WD-40 appears here.

WD-40 can also create a protective layer on the surface of the battery terminals. Thanks for this moisture will not be able to reach them. The terminals will be secured and nothing will be the car from firing.

Water displacement from the engine

Have you ever got stuck in the rain because you did not want to ignite it? Have you ever been in the middle of the pot? If the answer is yes, it means that the water is infecting your engine. In this situation the car will not move until the water is removed. Is it true that a water repellent would be useful?

In this case, the answer will also be WD-40 . Thanks to the water displacement function, it can efficiently repel the water and moisture.

The water displacement spray is certainly useful. When it comes to the anti-corrosion, WD-40 can handle everything. It is true that it is a water displacement.


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