Rolety zewnętrzne – czy pamiętasz o ich regularnej pielęgnacji?

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Awnings, exterior blinds and blinds, all types of sun visors mounted on the outside of windows and on terraces are constantly exposed to the influence of external factors. Lack of regular care and maintenance contributes to problems with their proper operation. This applies to both fabric and metal elements and guides.

Water and cloth – is it enough?

They are very practical, they are an alternative to traditional blinds and internal blinds. Effectively protect against sun and heat, as well as the eyes of neighbors and passers-by. Their disadvantage is the dust deposited on them and all kinds of pollution, which in the external environment is much more than in closed rooms.

Cleaning external blinds is not a complicated task, but can effectively extend their life and maintain aesthetic appearance. You will need water, a cloth and a mild cleaning agent to care for external shutters. Rinse the blinds with water, removing dust and dust. Thanks to this in the next stages of washing you will not scratch their surface. If you use a pressure washer for this purpose, make sure that the water jet is as small as possible, otherwise you can damage the sipes. Initial cleaning is already behind you. Now wash the blinds with a soft cloth with the addition of a mild cleaning agent. Aggressive caustic agents adversely affect the color that is discolored and consequently unsightly presents. Then rinse the blinds again with water.

And what about moving elements?

You can not forget about them, or maybe even first of all. The roller shutter moves on metal guides. With time, this traffic may not be as smooth as at the beginning. Control systematically the technical condition of the blinds and regularly lubricate the joints and side guides, which will allow you to avoid permanent damage. Use the universal center WD-40 for this purpose , which provides lubrication for all moving parts. In addition, it creates a protective layer on their surface that protects the metal against corrosion. Cleans and preserves, and is additionally convenient to use and allows you to reach hard to reach places.

A few simple rules

External blinds should be cleaned only when you are sure that the air temperature is not lower than 0 degrees Celsius. The cold will cause the water in the gaps to freeze, which results in the perforation of the roller shutter.

After cleaning with water, as well as rain and snow, never roll up the blind, leave it to dry completely. Hurry is not your ally in this case. By wrapping wet blinds, you expose them to the appearance of mold and rot. Fabric blinds made of fabric should be dry cleaned, thus removing dust, dust and any dirt. If contaminants are extremely difficult to remove, use a specialist agent for this purpose. In this way you will avoid discoloration and fading of color.

What’s more, do not forget about the maintenance of the rubber brush seals. You will use silicone spray for this . Before the winter comes, pay special attention to the lower armor gasket. In this way, you will reduce the risk of the roller blind becoming frozen to the window sill or the floor.

And in what condition are your external blinds? Is this not the right moment to take care of their appearance and proper work? A few simple steps and a little free time will help you restore their proper condition. Remember about their regular maintenance and care, and avoid premature expensive investments.


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