Skórzane meble mogą posłużyć Ci dłużej…

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Leather furniture is relatively expensive – a timeless and exclusive design has been in the price for many years. Leather furniture is a big expense, so when you decide on it, you need to be aware that they require special care. Only proper maintenance and cleaning will allow you to enjoy your favorite leather chair or sofa for longer. How to deal with these beautiful but demanding furniture?

Strong refreshment

You will need egg whites. They should be beaten onto a stiff foam and then thoroughly rubbed with a soft cloth into leather furniture. When the skin is completely dry, we use wax or paste, and after 2 hours we polish. This is an old and proven way of our great-grandparents. Leather furniture preserved in this way has survived to this day.

We will achieve a similar effect using the WD-40 preparation . Spray the leather furniture with the agent, spray it thoroughly and rub with a soft cloth. In this way, they will not only be cleaned, but also adequately protected from damage due to the created protective layer.

Discoloration and scratches

Age-old leather furniture is often characterized by traces of their use, especially if they have not been properly or preserved at all. Do you see scratches in your chair combined with unsightly discoloration? You can use a colored pencil, then polish and polish this place. In the case of brown skin, a decoction of green walnut shells will work very well. In this way, we put the prepared mixture on a discolored place with a small brush or a thread wound into a match.

The way to moisture

It also happens that molds appear on the skin, which is exposed to moisture for a long time. Wanting to get rid of it, moisten a cloth with turpentine and rub. The mold that penetrates deeper requires the use of glassy paper and a mixture of water and ammonia. After this treatment, we “color” the discolored place.

No flexibility

Well-preserved skin is elastic and soft. However, due to improper care, it can harden. To restore its proper condition, prepare a mixture consisting of 3 tablespoons of oil, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, 3 tablespoons of skim milk and 3 tablespoons of turpentine. The ingredients must be combined very well to obtain a smooth emulsion. We rub it with a cloth to the skin until completely absorbed. When the surface is already dry, it can be greased with a paste and polished.

Every day care

On the leather furniture, like any other, dust gathers. They can not be allowed to form a thick layer on the surface, so they should be regularly cleaned and wiped with a dry cloth. Remember to do it gently, because strong rubbing can cause visible damage.

The skin does not like water in excess. If you spill water or drink on it or notice any food left, immediately remove it with a damp cloth, avoiding a large amount of water. Dry the skin with an absorbent towel so that the water does not sink into its structure. Also, do not use strong detergents on the skin, but use only those that are suitable for skin care. If you are a happy owner of a four-legged pet, we recommend protecting the skin with additional covers or covers. Scratches can be removed or reduced visibility by the above-described methods, but only when they are not large and deep.

Leather furniture is a real gem among interior design elements. You have to take care of it to make it shine as long as possible.


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