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Cleaning the bicycle chain in 15 minutes

The dirtiest part of a bike is always its chain. The problem with the chain, unlike other parts, is that cleaning itself is not enough to protect it properly. The longer you put off cleaning the bicycle chain, the sooner its condition will deteriorate, shortening its life.

An undamaged chain causes:

  • It weakens the operation of the derailleurs
  • Increases the wear of gears and derailleurs
  • It reduces flexibility
  • Extends joins in a chain

When driving on different paths, the chain loses its efficiency. This is because it is subject to friction. It causes the loss of power from 3W to 5W. Such a 2 percent drop may result in even more damage to the chain, as the cyclist has difficulty with normal driving.

A muddy chain can lose power up to 12W. Then the pedals start to be more stiff and the cyclist must put extra strength in the ride.

Nowadays, cleaning the chain is not easy. More mechanisms are added to the bikes, so pulling the chain is so easy. Once it was enough to take it off the chain and immerse it in the scaler. Today, the result of such action would be bicycle replacement.

If you plan to buy a remedy for lubricating your bike, you need to pay attention to two things:

  1. Will it minimize the accumulation of dirt
  2. Does it create a thick and durable coating

Three benefits that WD-40 Bike offers

The three benefits offered by the WD-40 Bike are “Cleans, Lubricates and Protects” .

WD-40 Bike is a lubricant that was created specifically for bicycles. At the beginning there was only a degreaser. However, to give cyclists a wide range of choices, the WD-40 now offers: cleaner and various types of grease.

Below you will find the instruction “Cleaning the bicycle chain” step by step:

Remove the mud

One of the most common mistakes made by cyclists is to rinse the bicycle with very high pressure water. This action will remove dirt, but will also remove any grease residue from the chain, gears or gears.

To remove the mud, you will need a brush, a cloth and water. Adjust the gentle water pressure. After soaking up the dirt, you can use a brush to get rid of it. After a good scrubbing, all you have to do is wipe the bike with a cloth. Now you can rinse the bike again with water.

Clean the entire bike

After cleaning the chain from the mud, you can go to wash the whole bike. This must be done at the beginning, because we will save time in later stages. WD-40 Bike Cleaner will be an ideal means to clean the frame, handles, pedals, wheels, saddle and spokes. Spray the entire bike and scrub it.

Lubricate the chain

Before using grease, check the cell spacing for safety. In the WD-40 Bike line there are two types of lubricants – dry and wet. Dry grease is designed for those who drive rather on dry terrain. In contrast, wet lubricant is intended for those who prefer wet paths. Lubricate the entire chain thoroughly. Turn it backwards using the crank, which will allow the lubricant to thoroughly penetrate the chain.

Wipe off excess grease

Cleaning the bicycle chain must be done with precision. Collect excess grease by turning the pedals backwards.

Remove rear derailleurs

Put the bike on the last tooth from the back and move it to a higher gear. When you feel that the cable is loosening, remove the entire part connected to the derailleur. This step requires separate cables or you will not be able to pull it out.

Lubricate the cables

Degrease the cables and apply a new coat of grease. Wipe it properly until you see a delicate coating.


Repeat the last step with the front derailleur. From big to small, lubricate each ring separately. The WD-40 Bike grease will stay on all parts for a long time.

You can also clean the bicycle chain using the WD-40 All-Conditions Bike lube . It is suitable for all weather conditions. It improves the change of gears, the functioning of the chain, and also protects against fast wear and rust.

WD-40 Bike greases protect your bike from dirt for a long time. Remember, however, that it is important to use them after each ride. Just use the grease and remove excess with a cloth.

There are hundreds of different products on the market, thanks to which you will clean and lubricate the bike. However, none of them will provide such vitality as WD-4. Therefore, the next time you come back from the ride, use the WD-40 Bike.

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