Przygotowanie roweru do sezonu – jak to zrobić?

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According to avid cyclists, the cycling season lasts a whole year. It must be admitted, however, that when the temperatures fall below zero outside the window, we replace the bicycle with another means of communication and we give up on recreational trips and long trips for a few months. The bike should be stored in a dry and warm place during the winter, it can be a basement or garage, we never leave our two-wheeler under a cloud. And when you see the first signs of spring, it’s time to prepare your bike for use.

A refreshing shower

For 3 months, the bike certainly dusted solidly. First of all, we should review it and treat it with solid washing. We need: water, pail, cloth, brushes and cleaning agent, preferably designed specifically for bicycles, an example is the WD-40 Bike.

If you still have leftover mud on your bike, especially on wheels, after autumn rides, remove them with a brush. Only when you get rid of wheel dirt, you can clean the frame, saddle, manager and other elements of your vehicle with water and cleaning agent. The WD-40 Bike cleaner will also help you to deal with soiled rubber surfaces, i.e. tires.

Robust lubrication

Preparation of the bike can not take place without checking what is the state of its individual elements. It is necessary to verify the degree of wear and extension of the chain. If it is too stretched, we must expect faster wear. In addition, it may surprise us unpleasantly when it breaks, for example, when you are going through a difficult section of the route, which will not be pleasant.

The chain of your bike creaks? Perhaps it has already covered itself with rust? These are signals that you need to take better care of him. It is necessary to lubricate, which will allow you to restore the chain proper condition and thus allow you to drive safely. We use special lubricants and oils for this. It is worth paying attention to their purpose, ordinary engine oil can attract more dirt. Among the products on the market is WD-40 Bike lubricant ideal for cyclists . It provides protection for all moving parts in the bike, so it can be used not only for the chain, but also for gears.

Strong braking

Regardless of whether we drive a car or a bicycle, each vehicle must have functional brakes. He must respond to our “commands” when we want to stop, he should do it immediately.

After a winter rest with a good service, we can see that they are a bit worn out. Check brake pads or linings, depending on whether your vehicle is equipped with disc brakes or V-brakes. We set the cladding to the rim and tighten the reflective springs. It is also good to check the condition of armor and cables.

If your bike has disc brakes, the case is a bit more difficult and their replacement is more complicated. Incorrect braking may be caused by the airing of the braking system or by greasing pads and discs. It is therefore necessary to vent the brakes or degrease items with special means.


What should I do to not get the rubber from the first spring ride? When your bike is ALMOST ready, you have to verify the condition of its wheels. The spokes must be properly tensioned and the holes should be patched or replaced. Tires must be in good condition so that they can stick to the ground. The tire should contain information on the recommended pressure that must be present in it. If you choose the upper limit, the rolling resistance will be less, but the grip will be worse. In the case of the lower limit, you can count on a certain ride, but also a greater risk of catching rubber.

In what condition is your bike? Before you get on it and beat the first kilometers this season, check whether it is properly prepared to return to city, mountain or mountain paths.


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