Smar do łańcucha rowerowego – 3 typy

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Companies around the world spend millions of dollars on research to create the perfect bicycle chain lubricant. One that will protect your bike from dirt and dust. Their main goal is to create a formula that will provide cyclists with good performance, long-lasting lubrication and a seamlessly functioning drive.

That’s why now you can find many types of bicycle chain lubricants in stores and on the Internet. During races or regular rides, we can never be sure which route will get us. We can encounter mounds of dust, stones lying next to the construction or mud. In some cases, the grease can be washed off by rain. This is how the bike chain lubricant you choose is not of good quality.

The WD-40 bike chain grease is one of the best agents for use in all weathers. The multi-functional preparation works well as a chain-protecting agent, but formulas specially created for this are more effective. You can choose a measure that will be suitable for the conditions in which you drive. Thanks to this, you will keep your bike in good shape.

How does bicycle chain lubricant work?

The bicycle chain grease is essential to all components of the bike’s power unit. Because the grease must penetrate into all the small spaces, it must be thick enough to withstand a long time on the chain, but also rare enough to easily reach where it needs. That is why too thick greases will not be suitable.

It is important to apply a large amount of grease so that the drive will run for a long time. In addition to lubricants for the bicycle chain, there are other preparations that we can use in the care of the bicycle: cleaning agents and degreasers. Thanks to them, the bike will be shining.

Before we get to the three types of bicycle lubrication products that WD-40 offers, let’s talk about the bike cleaning product.

Bicycle cleaning product

WD-40 Cleaning agent

Cleaning the bike with soap and water is now a thing of the past. What’s more, soapy water reduces the last lubrication of the bicycle and leaves it unprotected. The WD-40 cleaner was created to deal with heavy dirt on the bicycle frame. It also works very well with cleaning pedals, saddles, handles, spokes and wheels. Just spray dirty surfaces on them and leave for a few minutes. Now rinse the bike with a gentle stream of water.

Bicycle chain grease

Typically, two types of lubricants for the bicycle chain are distinguished: dry and wet. However, to make it easier for users to choose, if they use the bike in different conditions on different routes, grease was created “for all weathers”. The following describes the use of all 3 types of lubricants.

WD-40 Bike Dry Lube

Lubricants for dry weather do not attract too much dirt and dust. However, they must be used regularly because they dry up quickly. Dry lubricants leave the chain much cleaner. They improve the efficiency of the chain and penetrate deeply into all its parts. This grease can be used on toothed wheels, chain or gears. The chain grease must be applied in a large amount to the chain, then the crank must be turned and the residue removed.

WD-40 Bike Wet Lube

WD-40 grease for wet weather is stronger than dry grease, because it must protect the bike in rain and mud. One application of grease is enough for about 1500km of driving in mud and rain. Like the previous grease, it can be used for gears, chain and derailleurs.

WD-40 Bike All Conditions Lube

Chain grease perfect for all weather. This lubricant prevents excessive wear of parts and allows for smooth operation of bicycle components. It penetrates deeply into the part of the bike and lasts for more than five months. This bicycle chain lubricant can be used for all components of the bike’s propulsion system.

Tips for cleaning your bike

  • For the best results, select a measure worth recommending and highly effective, e.g. WD-40. They have a line created specifically for bicycle users
  • Avoid using bicycler liquid for cleaning bicycles, as it contains agents that may harm it
  • Always start cleaning from the top
  • Use a brush for scraping dirt and a lint-free fabric to clog the residue

The WD-40 chain grease is found in small bottles or aerosols, making it easy to apply. It is important to regularly lubricate parts of the bicycle so that it remains operational. Because the WD-40 works for a long time, it protects the bike against wear and dirt; you can relax and do not worry about the bicycle’s efficiency for almost six months. The only thing you have to do is, depending on the frequency of cycling, lubricate the chain again every week or two.


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