11 zastosowań WD-40® na podwórku

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The backyard is a place that loves every small and large inhabitant of a detached house. In order for it to be a pleasant refuge for children to play and for parents to relax, it is necessary to take care of its cleanliness. The WD-40 universal remover will help you get rid of dirt and protect furniture and pavements. How can you use it in your yard?

And the pigeon does not sit down

Pigeons love your terrace, balcony or garden? However, they are not welcome guests. Outfalls and feathers disfigure your yard? Spray all WD-40 furniture and barriers . The remedy has a smell that pigeons do not like. They will stay away from protected surfaces.

Grill as new

Time for holiday grilling, but your grill does not look good? Using WD-40 you will restore its shine and get rid of the dried debris. Sprinkle the grate, wait a few minutes and remove the dirt with a wire brush. You can invite guests to a barbecue feast.

The thistle will fade and wither

Thistle is a plant that is spreading rapidly in the yard and garden. Do you want to prevent this? Spray it with WD-40 , it will quickly fade and wither, and you’ll get rid of the problem.

Beautiful discounts

For lovers of four-legged friends, we recommend using the WD-40 means to protect the garden and the yard with a carefully cared-for discount. Pets do not like its fragrance and will certainly stay away from plants from afar.

Plastic furniture in a beautiful color

The furniture loses its intense color over time. To make them look like they used to be in good condition for longer, refresh them with WD-40. Spray the center on plastic furniture and wipe with a soft cloth. Surprised by the effect?

Summer without os

They can mess up the summer badly. Wasps building their nests in the yard are not necessarily nice companions of holiday rest in the yard. In order not to live under the roof of your home, spray the center of the WD-40 with all corners and avoid unpleasant incidents.

An unwelcome intruder

Squirrels are animals that we like to admire in the park and in the woods. However, they like to settle in bird feeders located in your yard. You can effectively discourage them by spraying WD-40 feeders.

Easy snow removal

Snow removal is an activity that can cause a lot of trouble. If you want the snow to slip easier with a shovel, cover it with WD-40. The agent is also perfectly suited for mechanical protection of snow removal equipment. Use it if you want the snow to not block the nozzle.

Snow on the windows

The snow sticking to the window glass blocks the view outside the window? From outside, spray them with WD-40, and you will be able to admire your yard and garden every morning.

Dog droppings?

Your four-legged pet lives in your yard? He likes to mark his presence in the manure by droppings on the pavement, which then attach to the shoes? Spray the dirty WD-40 sole , and you will not bring unpleasant odors to your home. Removing the dog’s faeces will also make it easier for you to have a small toothbrush.

No traces of cat paws

Cats are nice pets, but the tracks on their paws disfigure garden furniture and car body. Never again! Traces of dirty paws will be removed by sprinkling the WD-40 surface. Wipe with a cloth and it’s ready!

A small effort and a big effect! WD-40 will not only work in the home workshop, but also outside. Perfectly refreshes furniture, protects plants from intruders and cleans dirt. Do not hesitate to use it!


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