Co usuwa gumę do żucia z butów?

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Have you ever stepped on a chewing gum shoe? If so, you know exactly what you will face. But you must know that all is not lost. Your shoes can really be saved. How is this possible? Below chewing gum chewing gum

Use an ice cube

One of the most is an ice cube. So she really removes the chewing gum glued to the shoe. And most importantly, it will not destroy the material from which they are made. All you have to do is have a plastic bag with ice cubes, and then put a shoe on it. Remember to let the rubber is.

Keep in mind that there is no reason to be able to keep the plastic bag. For some types of material, they could then be damaged. And that we would not want.

This process is the best thing for you. Thanks to this, even after a longer time, ice cubes do not dissolve before they work on sticky chewing gum. After a good time, the rubber will completely freeze you and you can easily scratch it. The only problem with this method is the time it requires. If you have a little time, choose one of the methods described below.

Dissolving gum

Why are you worried about chewing gum from your shoes, if you can just dissolve it? You can use the liquid in the lighter. The liquid in lighters usually contains kerosene that is flammable. It’s enough to soak a piece of cloth in kerosene and rub it with sticky chewing gum. You will see how the gum dissolves. However, taking into account the properties of kerosene, special precautions must be taken here. First of all you need to make sure that the room where you are staying is well ventilated, because kerosene can easily ignite.

You can also use a nail polish remover for this task. As it was written above, soak a piece of cloth in the nail polish remover ( with acetone ) and rub it with chewing gum. As in the previous case, the gum will start to dissolve. The use of a nail polish remover also requires precautions. Why? Because acetone can damage some types of shoes, such as made of suede.

Multifunctional WD-40

Considering the fact that WD-40 has chewing gum from shoes. All you need is to do the job of the WD-40 and wait for your magic to work. Make sure that the rubber can not get into the material, because it can damage it. The use of WD-40 will take only a minute, and you can easily remove the gum with a piece of material. If the gum does not go down as easily as we do about it, do not get tired – repeat the act. After finishing, do not leave marks on the floor after the WD-40 . And so much, your work is over!

The next time you are in the gum, do not worry, the WD-40 removes the chewing gum so well it is not terrible anymore.


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