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Guide to replacing seals in the windows of the car

In older cars, over time, the condition of rubber seals around windows and doors deteriorates. Often they loosen and the air penetrates them. Slowly, the entire gasket begins to tear and hang in the corners. Sometimes they also break away in the middle, which looks really unsightly. In addition, it causes squeaks, and water and dust falls inside the car. For this reason, you feel dissatisfaction with driving.

Often in such cases, people use a small amount of glue to attach back the gasket to the door frame. The solution, however, is not gluing and the seal itself. You can do this by using a small amount of glue and pressing the gasket. However, this is not so easy if the gasket is old and in poor condition. In age, the gasket reduces its size and starts to fall off. However, there is a method by which your car seals will return to their place. Everything will be simpler thanks to the WD-40 Specialist Silicone Grease. Thanks to it, seals will last a long time.

By following the steps below, you can easily remove and replace gaskets in doors and car windows.

Step # 1

Remove the rubber using a flat screwdriver

Start with the windows. Open the car door to take more space. Use a flat screwdriver to tear the rubber away from the door. Gently pull it back and pull it with your hand. If the rubber is too soft, it will break into small pieces in your hands, so you will have to scrape it. Make sure all gum pieces have been removed before proceeding to the next step.

Step # 2

Remove the adhesive using the WD-40 multi-purpose preparation

There may still be residual glue on the door, so you have to remove it. You can use the WD-40 multifunctional product for this. This preparation was created just to clean all kinds of surfaces and protect them from getting wet. After using it, use a towel or cloth to wipe the surface. Repeat the operation again to be sure that the metal is already clean enough. Finally, wipe the paper towel again.

Step # 3

Abrasive paper and metal

To ensure perfect adhesion, use sandpaper. Thanks to this, the gasket will stick easily. Wipe the surface with spherical movements. Remember not to go beyond the surface where the gasket is located, so as not to damage other parts of the car. Thanks to this step, the surface will not have lumps and will be smooth, and the rubber will stick perfectly.

Step # 4

The application of a new binder

Use a special glue to connect rubber with metal. Before applying the adhesive on the gasket, cut the rubber and let it dry on the window. When the rubber is susceptible, you can already use the glue. Apply a thin layer to the gasket and a little to the inside of the rubber.

Step # 5

Installing a new gasket

Give the glue five to ten minutes to harden a little and start gluing the seal from the corner. Slowly move further to the next corner, gently pressing the gasket. Make sure there are no gaps and the rubber is not stretched.

After gluing the gasket, press the whole thing down again enough to make sure everything is in good condition.

Step # 6

WD-40 Silicone Grease as rubber protection

After applying a new gasket, it’s time to make sure that it will not be destroyed as easily as the last time. The WD-40 Specialist silicone lubricant ideally protects rubber elements. It withstands temperatures from -35 ° C to + 200 ° C. It perfectly protects the rubber parts against dust and moisture.

After gluing the gasket, wait an hour before using silicone grease. Thanks to the clever straw, you will also cover the parts in the corners with the preparation and it is difficult to get to them. The silicone grease is efficient, so you only need a small amount to protect the windshield seals for a long time.

Errors to avoid when replacing gaskets in car windows

  • Some cars have plastic inserts in the door with pins. Without proper lubrication, these parts will quickly corrode and affect the destruction of the rubber. Therefore, do not forget to replace them
  • Most of the seals are L-shaped and therefore have to be placed on a larger surface (this protects against water penetration inside the car)
  • Do not close the door immediately after inserting the gasket. Wait at least one hour before you start driving
  • Do not use a screwdriver to tighten the rubber. The window fixing tool will work better.

By going through the six steps mentioned above, you can easily replace seals yourself without spending hundreds of dollars. The WD-40 Specialist silicone grease protects the new seals against water and dust. Thanks to its small amount, you will not have to worry about damage for about six months.


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