Jak luzować zardzewiałe nakrętki i śruby

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Each of us once had to deal with a rusty nut, which in time merged into one unit with the accompanying screw. Releasing rusty nuts and bolts is always difficult, but there are some ways that can be helpful in this situation. Below is a list of activities that should facilitate loosening and then unscrewing loose rusty nuts and bolts:

1. Analysis of the screw

In the case of a rusty nut or bolt, we must first determine whether it is possible to break. The nut or bolt may break if it is stretched beyond the elastic limit. Next, we need to find out if the threads of the nut and / or bolts are covered with a protective coating against loosening. Many bolts are factory-coated with a protective coating against loosening, which can be softened by heating.

In addition, ask yourself whether a rusty nut, screw or screw is worth saving or not. No fastening element will provide the necessary clamping force if it has lost its tensile strength due to the rusting. Attempting to retain the fastener that will not be used later does not make sense. It is better to destroy it and replace it with a new one.

2. Maximum removal of rust using high quality products

If, despite tightening the muscles, attempts to unscrew the nut or bolt will be ineffective, do not worry. There are other ways to loosen the loosening of the rusty nuts and bolts.

If it turns out that the nut, bolt or screw can be saved and are worth it, the rust should be removed to the maximum. This can be done with a wire brush that will allow you to get rid of a lot of dirt and dust. It is best to use a lubricant that helps relieve rusted parts. One of the best preparations that facilitate the loosening of rusty nuts and bolts If, in spite of muscle tightening, attempts to unscrew the nut or bolt will be ineffective, do not worry. There are other ways to loosen the loosening of the rusty nuts and bolts is the multi-purpose WD-40.

Ø WD-40® Smart Straw

It is the best product that allows getting rid of rust from hard to reach places. It is supplied with a flexible tube with a length of 8 “The tube is made of high quality flexible material that bends as required without losing its shape.To facilitate the reach of hard to reach places are provided two ways of spraying .The product displaces moisture, and also dries quickly, which prevents possible electrical shortages due to moisture.

Ø WD-40® Multi-Use Product

This product protects the metals from corrosion and rust, penetrating the part and displacing moisture from it, and then lubricates it, preventing rusting. It is a thick gel grease that remains in the place where it was applied. It allows not only loosening, loosening the rusty nuts and bolts, but also provides 12 times longer lubrication, which protects the element against rust for up to one year.

3. Rich wetting of rusty parts

After selecting the right product for lubricating rusty places, let the lubricant stay in them for some time. This will enable its full operation, enabling easy loosening, loosening the rusty nuts and bolts. The key factor here is patience. It may not be possible to loosen the nuts and bolts loose-fitting nuts and bolts at once, but it is better than their total loss.

4. The use of leverage

After sufficiently long wetting of the fixing element with grease, a socket wrench with a long handle and a ratchet head or a simple one is needed to allow the element to act with greater force. However, care should be taken not to apply excessive force causing damage, to loosen the rusty nuts and bolts. In order to protect your hands, you must wear padded gloves during this operation.

If the above activities were carried out correctly, the loosening process should be completed at this stage. The most important to loosen the rusty nuts and bolts is the use of appropriate lubricants. Without them, it would be difficult to loosen the nuts and bolts, let alone save them. The use of the proper lubricant allows loosening all types of rusty nuts and bolts, as well as their re-use, as they will not be damaged during loosening.

The best solution to the problem of rusty parts

If you are looking for the best lubricant that will ease the difficult task of loosening the rusty nuts and bolts, the best choice should be WD-40. The company’s name says it all. The company has been in existence for over 60 years and provides easy-to-use effective lubricants. Its products are ideal for all users, from industrial experts to ordinary DIY enthusiasts. These are lubricants specially designed to work with rusty elements that protect the metal against corrosion and rust, penetrating the damaged part and displacing the moisture accumulated on it. They are excellent for the lubrication of all rusty elements. The biggest advantage of the WD-40® Smart Straw and WD-40® Multi-Use Product products is that they make it easier to relieve rusted parts and provide long-lasting protection for these parts from rust.


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