Jak naprawić skrzypiące zawiasy w drzwiach

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7 quick ways to easily repair squeaky door hinges and crackling floors

You wake up at night because you have a small snack, but you need to eat a coffee, caked with creaking expressions. One step towards the kitchen door means that someone can do it. Creaking hinges in the door and crackling floor can lead to madness, especially at night when you try to sneak. Over time, the floor boards are the main reason for all these creaks.

There are several methods to prevent squeaking of hinges and floors. Squeaky door hinges and crackling floors:

1. Soap bar

Using a bar of soap is the easiest way to stop the squeaking hinges in the door. However, in this case, you can not use soap that contains glycerol. Glycerin is known for the formation of rust. Over time, the metal pin in the hinge and the door will require a lot of effort.

Cover the entire hinge with soap. It will provide smooth operation and protect against squeaking for a long time. It is a cheap squeaky hinges in the door. You can repeat this action every few months.

2. Paraffin candles

Wax is cheap and effective when it comes to the hinges in the door. Paraffin wax is used to repair many items such as snowboard boards, sliding windows, etc. To repair squeaking hinges in the door, it is better to use a white candle. There are also ways to use wax on the hinges: you can lubricate the entire hinge or stick.

If you’re good with homework, try the second option because it will not creak the door for a long time.

3. Vaseline

Knock out the pin with the hinge and cover it with Vaseline. If the pin comes in smoothly, it means your job is over. Make sure you put the right amount of the hole in the opening and closing the door.

4. Olive oil

One of the most common reasons for the problem of creaking doors is that people paint on them. When the paint dries, it weakens the possibility of hinges movement and leaves them exposed to rust.pojawiania się problemu skrzypiących drzwi, jest to że ludzie po nich malują. Kiedy farba wysycha, osłabia możliwość ruchu zawiasów i pozostawia je narażone na rdzę.

If your creaking door hinges are painted, the first step should be to remove the paint. Boil the water and pour it into the bucket. Dip the hinges in it and wait for the paint to start to chip off. Take out the rest of the paint and screw the hinges in place. Let them dry out before applying olive oil. Wipe them with a cloth to get rid of the dust.

You can use a toothbrush or a piece of cloth to apply olive oil. Apply it over the entire surface of the hinge so that the whole pin is covered with it. Do not pour oil directly on the hinges. Too much amount may rancid when dirt gets in the hinge.

5. Corn starch

Maize starch and talc are two of the cheapest means to repair squeaky floorboards. The floor begins to creak as a result of stretching and contraction caused by changing weather conditions. The boards rub one over the other and the nails start to loosen. Sprinkle the gap between the boards with a small amount of potato starch and leave it there. Make sure that you do not get a drop of water before the starch does not get into the boards.

Loose nails can simply be attached to hardwood. Make sure that they are long enough to reach it, but also not too long to not protrude.

6. Use washers

If only a part of the floor creaks, insert the pad between the boards. Of course, only if you have good access from the bottom. A thin piece of wood is enough to protect the boards from rubbing against each other.

7. WD-40

WD-40 is a multifunctional preparation that will help you repair both squeaky hinges in the door and crackling floor. It penetrates into the blocked parts and looses them so that you can easily clean them. WD-40 has a special applicator with a straw that allows you to lubricate even very small elements that you often clean with a cloth. It protects the metal from rust and provides lubrication for six months. You can use it to clean the dust from nails in boards and door hinges.

Just spray the metal parts between the boards with it. Wipe everything with a piece of cloth to remove all fat. Then use WD-40 again to lubricate the parts and let it dry out. This agent protects surfaces against moisture and improves their performance.

When using home remedies, make sure to thoroughly wipe the surface before applying it. Often water mixes with these substances, and such a mixture may cause metal corrosion. Using the techniques mentioned above, give them an opportunity to check their performance.

In conclusion, to enjoy a snack with unnecessary votes, use WD-40 or other home-made means to repair squeaky door hinges and crackling floorboards.


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