Jak WD-40® może pomóc Ci przetrwać kolejny rok.

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Start a new year with WD-40!


Each of us has the habit of coming every year to the provisions n oworocznych , right? Well, we have the New Year, so why not make life easier. Everyone would like it to be true? So how to do it? If you are also one of those people who wants to make your life easier, start the New Year with the decision that you will buy a WD-40 can , it will help you in your daily work. Below are some examples:

Protection against rust

Do you dream about the year in which the metal items you own will be protected from rust? Would you like them to be free from ugly yellow spots? If the answer is yes, you should start the purchase year WD-40. Whether you need a saw blade or metal objects at home, the WD-40 will help you protect all elements from rust.

Rust removal

You were going to start a year with getting rid of rust-damaged metal elements and replacing them with new ones? And if there is still hope to save them? Instead of replacing rust-damaged items with new ones, start by saying that you will heal them using the WD-40 . Yes, it’s true: Wd-40 helps protect objects from rust, but it can also help to remove items that already exist. What do you think?

Removing stains from crayons

Have you finished the year with stains on crayons on a wallpaper or a painted wall? If so, start the New Year by getting rid of these stains, not painting or replacing the wallpaper. Just spray the dirty places with the title multifunctional preparation and wipe with a dry cloth. See what magic this measure does. The crayon stains will disappear, the paint will remain, and you will be able to shorten the list of New Year’s resolutions.

Removal of coffee stains

Will you start the New Year buying new clothes because there are coffee stains on the old ones? Well, this is definitely an unnecessary expense. All you need is a can of good old WD-40 nearby. Regardless of whether the t-shirt or carpet is dirty, it is enough to spray the WD-40 on the stain, and before you know it, the stain will disappear.

String preservation in the guitar

Music is your topic? Do your fingers work wonders when they are on the strings of the guitar? If so, then you know that you need regular guitar maintenance if you want it to be in good shape all the time. One of the most frequently performed activities is the care of strings. If the strings are not in the perfect form, the guitar will not give such pleasure.

The magic of the WD-40 can also be used to preserve the guitar’s strings. The use of this preparation will not only prolong their life – reducing costs – but will also improve their performance. Start a year with improving your game with a little help from WD-40 !

Every year, vehicle and equipment care

Most people take care of their own equipment every year, such as sports equipment or motorcycles. Caring for maintenance once a year can affect your equipment or vehicle, as well as your account. Why? Because these types of items require regular maintenance, more often than once a year. Caring once a year can only mean doing basic activities, and much more is required. If you promise yourself that you will introduce WD-40 into your life at the beginning of the year, it will do wonders, especially for vehicle and equipment maintenance. Thanks to it, you will also save a large sum of money.

Protection against sockets

In most parts of the world, summer is a big piece of the year. While the summer is beautiful and most homeowners are aware that there are os wasps at this time, they are just beginning to worry about it becoming cold again so that it does not happen again. How to do it? You have to use the WD-40 magic. All you need to do is spray the WD-40 with the place where the wasps usually form their nests. And … that’s all. Thanks to this, the os washers will not appear here anymore.

If you consider that the above-mentioned examples are just the top of the iceberg, you can imagine that there are many more reasons to start the New Year with WD-40 .


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