Jak zabezpieczyć drewniane meble ogrodowe?

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Wood in the garden is a timeless classic. When deciding on them, it needs proper care. Regardless of the season, it is raining in the winter. Man should take care of the nature, you should follow a few rules.

Impregnate, that is, protect and protect

Wood is a unique material, each piece is a different kind of chair. Wooden garden furniture is exposed to atmospheric conditions, UV radiation, water, low and high temperatures. We should not forget about the beauty of wood, shortening its life.

The effectiveness of the regular impregnation. The optimal time is spring and summer, which is the transition between the cold winter and hot summer. For impregnation we use specially designed preparations. Please note that the impregnation of the atmospheric and biological hazards.

We protect the wood

There is a wide range of products on the market to protect and protect wood from external factors. They are impregnations that prevent the development of heavy water from the water. Such measures are used only on the basis of a varnish or varnish. We can also choose color impregnates.

Varnish-stone protects wood and moisture, additionally highlighting the grain pattern. Paints show similar properties, but only those with added filters protect the surface from solar rays. Choosing oils, we are sure about the view of the bosom of nature. , but also a decoration of the garden, terrace or balcony.

Do not forget about metal elements

Wooden furniture often have elements, most often it is metal. have elements made of other materials, most often it is metal. He is also exposed to the effects of he rusts and corrodes. The anti-corrosion protection for metal is In addition, it helps to remove any dirt from the garden. WD-40 , which penetrates through the moisture of the cake. arise from the use of garden furniture.

What else can you do to extend the life of your garden? Remember to put them in the garage, basement or home for the winter, if you have enough space in it. Earlier, wash them and get rid of dirt. For wood use preparations based on oils, and for metal elements. WD-40 . Wooden furniture fits perfectly with green plants and colorful flowers. Make sure that they serve as long as possible.


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