Koniec sezonu – jak konserwować i przechowywać narty

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End of winter! Do you already think about the upcoming summer, the longed-for leave and the long-awaited sun? However, before you commit to blissful relaxation, take care of your uncertainty. You should not be able to save them for your storage. So give them some attention. Check how to maintain and store skis:

Lubricate for protection

Your skis this season have probably had an intense season. The dirt and salt embedded in them. Remove them thoroughly to apply grease or paraffin to the slide. You will need a special iron for every avid skier should have. In this way, you will create a protective layer, dirt and atmospheric changes.

Have you never experienced yourself? Do not you feel strong? You can contact the service for maintenance for assistance. However, we recommend buying an iron and grease for you.

And rust does not sit!

The ski edges are made of metal. If you do not want to invest in your next life, wipe the metal edges with Vaseline. As a result, they will not be susceptible to moisture, which in most cases will cause corrosion.

You can use ordinary Vaseline or WD-40 for this purpose . It is a product that displaces moisture and prevent rusting. Apply a small amount of the cloth to the skis. Leave it to dry and be sure to put in a space.

Bonds also require attention

Many skiers forget about them, focusing on the slides and edges. They also have metal elements and are exposed to the occurrence of rust. First, we clean the dirt, and then use special oil. It is also worth it to loosen the bonds as much as possible and completely unscrew. Do not forget about the next trip to the slope.

Summer aging

Your skis are already perfectly prepared for survive spring, summer and autumn. You’ve worked to make them in perfect condition, so do not waste it! Provide them with the best conditions for summer aging.

The best solution is to buy a cover, put on a skid in a position, the slideshow. Most people choose to store their skis in the garage or basement. However, you have to know that wet places are not good conditions for them. Choose a dry and dark place so that they have a large temperature fluctuations.

Ski equipment is an investment for several seasons. The better you take care of them, the longer you ride them. They remember about the proper maintenance, after the next trip to the mountains. Your skis will be ready for winter madness, or you will need some minor touches for even greater comfort.


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