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Washing the car – do it like a professional, thanks to these 6 tricks


You see a new car coming next to you and you think, “I really should wash my car”? Do not worry, each of us has these thoughts. Yes, washing your car seems like a hard job, but think about how easy it is to take a shower every day. Why should it be different in the case of a car? Using a car wash once a month is rather expensive. Besides, whoever really uses it every month. Imagine how all this visible and invisible dirt destroys the beauty of your car.

Cleaning the inside of the car is quite simple. Just wipe them with a wet cloth and then wax. In the case of rugs, if you can pull them out, you need to clean them using a detergent and vacuum them off. However, when it comes to external elements, it must be assumed that it will take a bit more time. Be prepared for dirty and wet work.

Washing a car does not require complicated products. Store shelves filled with special agents, cloths and brushes can tempt you, but think about whether you really need them? No, because you will soon learn the secret tricks that you can easily clean the car in 6 steps.

Step # 1

High pressure washing

One of the biggest problems we’re making is washing the car with dishwashing liquids or another car wash detergent. These agents remove dirt, but also rub the wax layer and leave the coating susceptible to rust. Buy any liquid for washing and rub it with a glove. Instead of rinsing the liquid with a bucket of water, use a garden hose set to high pressure. Thanks to this persistent dirt will disappear even from the gaps.

Step # 2

Removing dirt from scratches

After removing the dirt from the car, all scratches, dents, rust will be visible. When your car is traveling at high speed, about 100 km / h, dust and dirt from the air will stick to the surface of the car, creating a rust place to hide. The dirt from the bodywork has been largely removed, but the hidden one still remains. A repair kit with clay will be needed to remove it. Thanks to it, we clean the dirt from scratches.

Squeeze the clay on your hand and spray with the agent that was in the kit. Now, rub it in scratches. This will remove the wax from the last cleaning and restore the smoothness of the paint. The deeper the scratch, the more times you will need to repeat the action. When the clay gets gray it means that the dirt is removed.

Step # 3

Using a cleaning agent, eg WD-40

If your car has too many scratches, then the use of the clay repair kit can be replaced by using WD-40 . Washing the car with the WD-40 can take place in various ways. You can clean dirt, oil and grease from the surface of the car, but also loosen the screws and screw on or protect the metal parts from rusting. Using WD-40 you will not only clean the surface of the car, but also protect it from rust. Sprinkle it with scratches and use a wire brush to get rid of dirt. Spray again, leaving the coating to dry. Thanks to this, you will secure the car for about 6 months.

Step # 4


Polishing is definitely different from waxing. Although it is not necessary, it is worth polishing the car to get rid of light scratches from its surface. You do not need polishers for this. Apply a little to the cloth and rub it onto the entire varnish.

Step # 5

Waxing to protect the beauty of the car

Washing the car is not complete without waxing. Waxing the car protects it against UV rays and prevents fading. In addition, it protects car paint from animal excrement. Rub a small amount of wax in circular motions. There are two types of wax – one gives a white gloss and the other a shiny finish. Depending on the color of the car, choose the right one.

Step # 6

Clear windows

Instead of using special window cleaners, use WD-40. After washing the window with soap, wipe the residue and spray a small amount of WD-40. Wipe the glass to remove dirt. Remember to slightly tilt the glass to clean the top of the window.

Another problem with which we often struggle is the removal of stickers from car windows. WD-40 can handle this even. Just spray the sticker with this preparation and wait a moment. The chemicals contained in this product will dissolve the adhesive, so that you can remove the sticker with a blunt tool.

And so…. Washing the car in 6 steps. You do not need expensive resources, you just have to follow these tips. All you need is WD-40 .

This preparation is strong enough to be used on the surface of the car, also on the engine. Thanks to it you will protect your car against rust and dirt for 6 months. All you have to do is wash and wax the car every month. The rest will be dealt with by WD-40.


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