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Fixing gates – tips thanks to which you will remove rust from the fence

The conservation of iron fences is one of the hardest works around the house. Regardless of whether your house is surrounded by a metal fence with a gate or a brick fence with a goal, there is so much work that it can take all day.

Repairing the lack is closely related to maintenance. Without this rust begins to grow on the gate and the paint begins to peel. That is why it is so important to thoroughly clean the gates at the beginning so that you do not have to worry about doing the same work every month. Proper surface cleaning using the WD-40 multifunctional product protects the gates for at least 6 months.

Below you will find a list of tools that you will need and some tips.

Necessary tools

  • Cordless drill with brush attachment
  • Brush in the shape of a “hat”
  • Mobile wire brush
  • Brush of various sizes
  • Sandpaper

Tip # 1

Use a cordless drill and brush tip

Tip number one tells you about using a cordless drill and a brush tip. Using a drill without a cable will make it easier to move from one place to another, and different sizes of brushes will allow you to clean both small and large surfaces.

Start with a hat-shaped brush to remove rust from all visible spots. Change brushes to get to all hard-to-reach places. Once the paint and rust have been removed, spray the WD-40 surface and wipe with a cloth to remove the dirt and grease that has remained after the paint. Spray the WD-40 again and let it dry. At the end, apply a fresh coat of paint to provide the next layer of protection.

Note: You may have heard a lot about using vinegar and baking soda to remove rust, but in this case it would take a lot of time.

Tip # 2

Use sandpaper

Fixing gates becomes faster thanks to the use of sandpaper. However, it still requires a lot of time because you do it yourself. Use sandpaper to even the surface of the door. You must use the strength of your muscles for this. After an hour or two spent cleaning, you will see holes in the gate. Refill with metal filler and proceed for further cleaning. Apply WD-40 to it , as it was described above.


Often, this flaky paint is the reason for the rusting. To protect the door you can use either ordinary paint or a special paint intended to prevent rust. After cleaning, it is completely rust, apply a thin layer of paint.

· Using metal paint

First, cover the gate with a primer that stops rust. Remember to cover the holes with both the primer and the paint layer. Use a toothbrush to help you get into hard-to-reach places. At the end, spray the whole with a layer of varnish.


Do you think that you can not handle it yourself? In that case, hire a professional service. Although this is not a difficult task, it requires a lot of money. Cleaning companies use specialized equipment to remove rust, thanks to which the repair of gates follows the instructions.

You can always apply the WD-40 protective layer yourself. Thanks to this, you will make sure that the rust will not come back.

How to take care of iron gates

Here are some tips to make sure that rust will not come back for a long time:

Tip # 1

Take precautions

Factors such as humidity or rain can be dangerous for a metal fence. There are several things you can do to protect them:

  • Apply a layer of wax
  • Cover the gate during a storm
  • Apply a protective agent coat
  • After removing the rust, spray the WD-40 gate

Tip # 2

Paint the goal

As it was described above, now also apply a coat of paint as an additional protective layer. It acts as a barrier between air and iron. It minimizes oxidation and the gate looks much more attractive.

Tip # 3

Clear the gate

If the gate is too big, wash it with dishwashing liquid. Use a toothbrush to clean the gate and a cloth to dry it. Finally, spray it with WD-40.

Tip # 4

Check the gate regularly

Peeling paint, rust, cracks, loose screws, protruding cables (in the case of electrically opened gates) are the things you should pay attention to. If you notice protruding cables, spray them with WD-40. It protects against sparks caused by moisture and dries the electrical system.

Tip # 5

Repair the bent elements

It may be beyond your strength, but if you have soldering irons, you may be able to do it. Just heat the bent element and put it back in place.

Tip # 6

Repair rusty placesmiejsca

Do you need a quick repair? Use a wire brush to remove rust. Spray WD-40 to prevent rust from spreading. At the end, paint.

You already know our tips. Repairing the gates can not do without the WD-40. It fulfills many functions, not only protects the metal against external factors, but also penetrates deeply into the surface, which protects it for a long time.


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