Ochrona narzędzi ogrodowych przed rdzą

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Do you love gardening? Gardening is a very popular hobby. Many gardens have at least one patch, container or pot with something growing inside. Do you care for your plant? Protecting garden tools from rust is very important for you. The main problem in the encounter. Because they are made mostly of metal, their contact with water after some time may result in the appearance of rust. If you want to avoid the trouble, follow the tips below.

Store tools safely

Protection of garden tools against the sun is not possible. After intensive use of tools, it turns out that the greatest enemy is exposed to external factors. While it seems tempting to just leave the tools to yourself – do not do it. Not storing them in the right place. Rust appears on the tools due to water and moisture. Therefore, do not leave them exposed to water. Store them in a crib where it is not wet and cool and dry. The air circulation in the crib or storeroom is also important. It can help protect from rust and mold that can accumulate on them.

Keep garden tools clean

The soil contains a lot of water. Therefore, if before you put the tools to the crib, you will clean them thoroughly. Cleaning is also a great way to prevent the transfer of seeds from other places. Before placing the tools in the storeroom, make sure that you can wash them thoroughly. This will remove any resins and vegetable juices, and thus protect them from rust. Do not forget to put them in a good place.Remember that even the smallest trace of water can lead to the appearance of the tools.

Use the right products

Protection of the garden. Tools: cleaning, drying them and proper storage. But this is not the end, you have to do something else. An effective way to protect your tools is a special protective layer. For most garden tools, a thin layer of oil will suffice. This will allow you to cover the tools with a protective layer. The WD-40® Multi-Use Product of the ideal product is a free tool of rust   . This measure is specially created to protect against corrosion. This product is a solution for tools, displaces water and all moisture, free from rust.This product is necessary in a home crib.

Remove rust immediately

If you see any trace of rust on your garden, it is important to remove it immediately. Thanks for this, it will not cause any further damage to the tools. You can use sandpaper or a wire brush for this. You can also rub these places with sand and oil. Whatever, do you want to remove the rust from the tools and ask for it? What if you wait too long with this? Rust will spread to other parts of the tools and will be more difficult to remove.


Rust and corrosion are the main problems that arise when using garden tools. Weaken them and make them unsuitable for future use. It is very important for the long-term, long time. It is easy to keep the WD-40 near you. Thanks for this measure, you can get rid of rust and keep your safe. Protecting garden tools against the wind is very important for you to be able to pay.


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