Ochrona przed korozją – wskazówki i sposoby ochrony samochodu

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Corrosion is a problem that every car is worgling with because of the rust and damage of the aesthetics and sales value. Corrosion is easily assaulted by the car’s body. However, it can be significantly delayed. That is why corrosion protection is so important. Lack of vehicle maintenance. Causes corrosion pits, surface defects and aesthetics. The resulting rust is difficult to remove later.

It sounds like a slogan, but it’s 100% true that it is better than repair. Below are some tips and recommendations for the vehicle’s body. Corrosion protection is extremely important. Our Following our Following protected Following protected Following protected Following protected Following protected Following protected Following. Our Following protected Following protected Following protected Following protected Following.

Recommendations for protection against corrosion

The next actions protect against corrosion in the vehicle.

1. Washing and waxing

Regular cleaning and waxing of the bodywork and chassis significantly reduces the likelihood of corrosion. Pollutants not only. What is the main cause of corrosion. Washing and protection of the hood and chassis. In addition, waxing with good quality. Toleration. Such pits allow the penetration of moisture in the sheets. Therefore, regular washing and waxing of vehicles is a rust-free.

2. Securing the vehicle against salt used for sprinkling roads in winter

Corrosion of the vehicle is faster and it is sprinkled with salt. The best method of cleaning and cleaning the WD-40 . Chassis and wheel arches should always be in the water. The removal of the anti-corrosive agent from the anti-rust agent.

3. Surface protection with WD-40

In order to completely get rid of the problem of corrosion and keep the vehicle in perfect condition throughout the year, it is necessary to preserve the car with an anti-corrosion agent. WD-40 is the best known corrosion protection agent that keeps metal surfaces dry, which is the most important in the anti-corrosion protection of vehicles. The product has the features required to protect against rust and ensures long-term protection of the vehicle.

For best results, wash and clean the car thoroughly before applying the WD-40 . Then spray the WD-40 with not only the external surfaces of the vehicle body, but also a chassis that is more susceptible to corrosion. The application of WD-40 eliminates the formation of rust that is difficult to remove.

4. Watch out for dents, scratches and scratches

Lack of parking places means that cars are parked very close to each other, much closer than before. This increases the risk of scratches, scratches and dents caused by opening the car door next to it. Scratches also arise when someone from the vehicle parked next puts his things on the bonnet, roof or trunk lid of the other vehicle when opening his own. Dents and scratches can also be caused by the impact of stones from the road to the vehicle while driving. You should be aware of such situations and try to avoid them to the maximum extent possible. Water accumulates in such damage to the surface of the varnish, which leads to the formation of rust.

5. Make every effort and check the car regularly

In order to keep the vehicle free from rust, all efforts must be made to protect it from corrosion. In the case of a longer time without driving, the car should be washed and preserved with WD-40 – it is the best anti-corrosion spray, ensuring that our cars are free of rust. Keep sufficient distance from the vehicle in front to avoid bumps from the road. Park the car under the roof whenever possible.

Regularly check the condition of the sheets for corrosion. Check for blisters in the paint on the vehicle body. The presence of bubbles indicates the beginning of corrosion problems. Carefully check the engine and boot lid as well as exterior painted parts of the body and chassis for rust.

The wheel arches are particularly susceptible to corrosion, where corrosion can develop imperceptibly. Therefore, they should be carefully maintained. Follow these instructions to protect the vehicle from corrosion. The British have been using WD-40 for anticorrosion protection for over 60 years . Corrosion protection is extremely important, and WD-40 is an ideal anti-corrosive lubricant that maximum protection for 6 months.


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