Parowanie luster – w jaki sposób mu zapobiec?

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Get up in the morning, sleepy, go to the bathroom, take a shower and stand in front of the mirror … what do you see? Nothing! You rub the mirror, wanting to look through, and then you see how the streaks arise. And so every day … A frustrating situation that repeats itself and it is difficult to deal with the morning and evening problem of mirroring.

Do the mirrors have to be misted? You will answer, their nature, you have already got used to it. Imagine a situation in which it is completely different, you can look after your bath and smile to yourself for good and goodnight. Here are the “magic” ways to evaporate mirrors!

After the simplest resistance line

If you do not know how to clean something, get rid of persistent dirt and odors, use vinegar. In the case of steamed mirrors is similar, it is the measure for everything, so it is worth having it in your kitchen. Mix it with water in the proportions of 1 glass of water for 1 glass of vinegar, and then pour it into the bottle with an atomizer, for example, after window cleaning liquid. Spray the glass evenly and wipe dry. Your mirror will not evaporate for a few days. Repeat the operation as often as necessary.

Lemon support

Not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom. In winter, tea warms up with its addition, and in the summer the water is cooled with mint and ice. Lemon good for everything, also for a steamy mirror. Add freshly squeezed lemon juice to the water and wipe it with a mirror, preferably polish with a paper towel.

Shaving fun

For shaving the mirror with shaving foam Your wife will thank you. This is one of the most effective ways to prevent fogging. Do not forget, just after applying the foam on the mirror, wipe it dry with a towel. You’ll be able to browse through it even for a few weeks without any problems.

From home workshop

You lubricate the hinges with it, so that the door does not creak, you protect the metal elements of garden furniture so that it will not rust, with its help you prepare the bike for the season, and even remove grease from the engine oil from clothes. You can also protect the mirrors from evaporation. What? Universal preparation WD-40 . Put a small amount on the mirror and wipe it dry, with a couple you say goodbye for a few or even several days.

A smart Pole after the damage

Have you forgotten to use vinegar, lemon juice, after shave foam or WD-40? The mirror has already evaporated, and you are in a hurry to work. There is nothing else to do, like drying your hair, directing a stream of heat to the mirror. Wait a minute or two and you’re ready, now you can review. Next time remember, prevention is better than cure, you will save yourself nerves and the same time.

Why does the mirror actually evaporate?

You probably noticed that this happens only after a hot bath. The hot water evaporates and settles on the surface of the mirror, which is cold. It stays on it for a moment longer than your morning and ventilated toilet. The problem is heightened by improper ventilation and the lack of regular airing of the bathroom. In addition to home methods, there are other, more modern, but also more expensive ones. You can choose to buy a special mat or heating foil, which we stick to the back of the mirror. They emit heat, which eliminates the problem of its evaporation.

You do not need specialized means to deal with steamed mirrors in the bathroom. Everything you need is at your fingertips. It is enough to remember about the regular use of “magic” mixtures and universal products. And if you forget? Use a dryer, it’s quick support when you do not see yourself in the mirror in the morning.


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