Porada dla domu – skrzypiące drzwi

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WD-40 aplikowany na zawiasy drzwiowe

Finally, the end of the creaking door

Creaking doors can sleep every family member’s sleep. This problem occurs especially in older homes and old apartments. Each time the doors are closed or opened, they give out creaking and grinding sounds. And here a quick solution is needed. With the right lubricant, you can easily handle any door. Creaky doors do not have to be a problem at all.

Why the door creaks?

At first, creaking can just be fun. But at some point creaking doors are becoming a problem. In most cases, the source of the sound is the hinges. If we slowly open and close the door, listen carefully, we can locate the creak. Due to the frequent use of the door, over the years the lubrication layer is removed from the hinges. The metal starts to rub against the metal, and the creaking door can be heard throughout the house.

What helps in the fight against creaking?

If they creak the door, of course, you have to deal with it quickly. The cause is known, and a new layer of lubricant must be applied. On an ad hoc basis, simple, low-cost solutions can be used. It may be a cooking oil, such as rapeseed oil or olive oil. It can be inserted into the hinge groove with a blade or a knife tip. Alternatively, you can use the multifunctional WD-40. The product will reach places that require lubrication and thanks to its properties it will effectively eliminate all creaking noises. In addition, there are special lubricants that are also suitable for greasing hinges and provide long-lasting performance. They are easy to spread and adhere well to the surface. Effectively counteract squeaking of hinges, guaranteeing long-term reliability.

If the lubrication of the hinges is not enough, secure them with the WD-40

Sometimes the use of a new grease is not enough. The cause may be the accumulation of dirt or rust inside the hinge. You can try to lift the door slightly up with a screwdriver and proper support to better distribute the lubricant. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the door from the hinges. Only in this way can the hinge be thoroughly cleaned, used as a rust remover and, if necessary, wiped with sandpaper. In this way, you can effectively silence any creaky door.

Porada dla domu - skrzypiące drzwi

Fixing the hinges to the door

Preventive measures

So that the door does not start to creak, you must take appropriate precautions. All you need is a few minutes of work. If the doors are exposed to weather conditions, these activities should be performed a little more frequently. Therefore, the dust from the hinges must be removed with a vacuum cleaner. If the door does not open / close as easily as before, you can add some grease before the hinges start to creak. Just penetrating oil or WD-40. Lubrication also effectively protects hinges against rust. When buying a new door, you should pay special attention to the good quality of the door hardware.


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