Porady dla domu: 10 narzędzi niezbędnych w każdym domu

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Here are ten tools that can not be missed on any farm.

It is at home that each of us feels the most comfortable. At home, after an evening party, you can refresh yourself, feel safe and spend time with the whole family. Thus, the house should be equipped with everything that both the whole family and a single person may need. Many people think about food and hygiene products – but tools and other utensils are at least as important. Which usually turns out only when the tool is needed. Then there is a large-scale search, usually with a request to a neighbor or friend, because the tool you just need is not at home. To avoid this, we have compiled a list of the ten most important tools that should not be missing in any household.


Do you need to hang the picture or stick a protruding nail – the hammer is an absolutely necessary tool in every toolbox! For occasional use, a light hammer with a standard head is quite enough, plus it is always worth having a buckle to hang the laundry. Thanks to it, nailed nails can be held at a safe distance, protecting the thumb against breaking.


The missing screw can be quickly screwed in with a screwdriver. Cabinets and hinges can be quickly stabilized. There are great screw sets on the market with screwdrivers of various sizes that save you time and do not take up much space.

Cordless screwdriver

The most versatile of all tools, the cordless screwdriver should be in every household. This useful device is used for screwing and drilling, it consumes little power or works on the battery.

WD-40Porady dla domu: 10 narzędzi niezbędnych w każdym domu

WD-40 can be used at home for many things. It can be used to protect tools against corrosion, loosen screws, remove traces of crayons from the walls … The list is long.


With the use of pliers, you can easily pull nails, and squeeze or pull out other things. There are many versions of pliers – from pliers, through pipe wrenches, to electronic pliers. At least one version should be in every home.

Spirit level

To avoid curving pictures or cabinets, the spirit level is definitely useful.


Another necessary tool for home and garden owners, which should not be missing. From wood saws to saw-bolts – the saw is a very useful tool and can save the “golden hands” of many hardships.

Knife for cutting

Above all, high-quality cutting knives must be in every home. Thanks to them you can quickly and easily cut the carpet, cut the package or package.


This tool is not usually used every day, but it should also be at home. If you urgently need a screwdriver and you do not have one at hand, it will not be easy to find it at that moment.

Unipolar voltage tester

The tool is designed to check the voltage in electrical outlets. For other work performed directly on the electrical installation, a specialist should be called. Nevertheless, it is worth having a phase voltage tester at home.

These ten tools are just our suggestions. The list can always be supplemented and adapted to individual needs and the home budget. In addition to all these tools, sets of screws and nails will also be useful. Tools are not always cheap. But for a higher price, we get durable, reliable and really useful tools. There is nothing more annoying than the lack of a tool at the moment when it is needed. Make sure you have the ones you need most in your toolbox. Remember, of course, about proper maintenance so that you can enjoy your tools for a long time. A suitable cleaning agent is the WD-40 multifunctional preparation. To protect tools from rust, use it once or twice a year.


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