Różne rodzaje złota w biżuterii i jak zabrać się za polerowanie złota

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Different types of gold jewelry

When you buy gold jewelry, the choice of options is wide. Let’s start with the colors, because yes, the gold appears in a different color.


Gold jewelry is not always pure gold. Gold jewelry is a gold alloy with one or more other metals. In jewelry we can find admixtures of zinc, silver, nickel, between or paladium. The most common colors of gold jewelry are yellow, pink, white and green.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is the effect of combining pure gold with copper, silver and zinc. This is referred to as the pure color found in jewelry. Such jewelry is also hypoallergenic and requires the least amount of maintenance work.

White gold

White gold is the result of a combination of platinum and gold. Sometimes palladium is used instead of platinum. You can also get this color by combining palladium, gold, zinc and nickel. White gold is more resistant to scratches and more durable than yellow gold. It is also a cheaper version than platinum or yellow gold.

Pink gold

Pink gold is an alloy of gold, gold and copper. It obtains a great addition to copper. Also thanks for it cheaper and available for more people. What’s more, it is more durable and more durable than white or yellow gold.

Green gold

Green gold is an alloy of gold, and even copper. Its color is obtained thanks to the admixture of silver.

So, which gold color is the most popular?

There was a time when the yellow gold was the most often chosen option. However, when the price became too high, people started to choose white gold. Therefore, for the last 30 years. Especially when it comes to wedding rings or engagement rings.

Polishing gold

In addition to its beauty, gold is a soft metal that must be regularly maintained. It would be ideal if polishing the gold took place once or twice a year. If gold is polished too often, it can be destroyed. However, if you are careful, you will enjoy the sparkle of gold jewelry. The following tips will show you that gold polishing is not so heavy. Thanks to them, you will get rid of scratches and protect gold.

Method 1: Regular polishing of gold

Step 1

Take a bowl and fill it with water. Add a small amount of baking soda and dishwashing liquid. Put gold in this mix. Leave for a few minutes.

Step 2

Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to scrub the gold. In this case, the smaller the brush the better. Remember not to scrub too much. There is no need to use a lot of force. Remember to clean all slots.

Step 3

You can now rinse the cleaned item. After scrubbing, rinse with warm water. You have to rinse everything thoroughly. Check for any stains.

Step 4

Use a cloth to wipe the gold dry. Remember to use a dry cloth for this. Avoid using paper towels or objects that may leave scratches. You can also leave the object to dry in the air.

Step 5

To finish polishing gold, wipe the gold item with a jewelery cloth. Wipe everything thoroughly. Polish it to shine like new.

Method 2: Remove scratches from gold

Step 1

Golden items can be cleaned using water and washing up liquid. Start by preparing a bowl filled with water and dishwashing liquid. Take a clean, soft cloth and immerse it in the prepared mixture. Gently wipe the gold object. Rinse it under water and let it dry.

Step 2

Mix water and ammonia with you. One part of ammonia in proportion, six parts of water. Ammonia should be readily available in many stores. Remember to always wear gloves when handling ammonia.

Step 3

Dip the golden object in the prepared mixture. Leave for a minute. Do not exceed this time.

Step 4

Use a handkerchief to wipe the gold. After removing the item from the water with ammonia, check if there are any scratches on it. You can dry this item or let it air until it dries up. Repeat this action as many times as necessary.

Method 3: Gold protection

You should avoid wearing gold in situations where you can sweat. Pot can lead to the destruction of gold because it is acid. If it is not possible to remove the jewelry, for example for the time of doing the exercises, make sure you wipe it thoroughly with a soft cloth afterwards.

Avoid using the balm while wearing gold. Balsam is on the list of cosmetics that can damage gold. This list also includes perfumes and hairspray.

You also need to take your moves while wearing gold. Jewelry can hit other things, which can cause scratches.

Limit the degree of wearing jewelry. If you have less durable gold, limit wearing it every day.

One of the simplest things in the case of gold is spraying it with WD-40 . This is not a gold polish can work on the water.


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