Skrzypiące drzwi: jak sobie z tym poradzić?

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Just You movie You You You You You You You. Suddenly, you hear this terrifying, creaking noise. The image of the clown returns; you see how he opens the door and goes in your direction. The frightening truth? And all against the creaking door.

You can get rid of this problem once and for all. All you need is to get rid of the trouble of squeaking doors. That’s why we need some tips in one place.

The simplest solution is to buy and sell on the hinges of the creaking door. Usually, this solves the problem immediately. However, if this does not help, you will need to pull the hinges, remove the rust or cover them thoroughly with grease.

Below is a list of lubricants that you can use immediately.

  • olive oil
  • Any lubricating oil
  • WD-40
  • Paraffin candle
  • Soap bar
  • petrolatum

If your creaky door still does not stop squeaking, roll up your sleeves. If they are rusty, rust must be removed. If not, just cover them with a layer of grease. Below you will find a three steps, telling you what to do, once you take off the hinges.

1. Lubrication

The use of oil on squeaking hinges works in most cases. Follow the procedure below.

a) Removing the hinges

First, close the door and then gently hit the hinge, using a hammer. When the hinge looses, it can be pulled out using the hammer head. Remember that after the hinges, the door is no longer connected to the frame. Therefore, for safety, lean them against the nearest wall. Thanks for this, you make sure that they do not fall by accident.

b) The use of cooking oil / car / WD-40

Engine oil is an ideal lubricant for this purpose. It is an acceptable and affordable solution. The coating can withstand some time before it wipes. Take a paper towel or towel, put some oil on the hinges. WD-40 and cooking oil are excellent alternatives to the problem of a squeaky door.

c) Reassembling the hinges

Slide the hinges back in their place. When they jump into place, use a hammer to safely, safely enter the place. Close and open the door several times to make sure they no longer squeak and are securely attached to the frame. If the squeaking has not disappeared, it will be necessary to apply another layer of oil. All activities must be repeated once more.

d) Wipe the oil residue

The oil is in a liquid form, so it often drips on the floor. This may result in greasy stains on the door or floor. Use a dry clean piece of cloth to wipe off the remaining oil.

2. Use of hinged wax

If the oil is not enough, it may be helpful to apply wax. Follow the instructions below and the creaky doors will be forgotten.

a) Buying paraffin oil

Paraffin wax is available in candles and in pure form (in tool stores). Paraffin wax in its raw form does not stink, it is white and occurs in the form of cubes or tiles. You can buy it in many tool stores. If you decide to buy candles, make sure they are made of paraffin wax.

  • The alternative is beeswax, but it can be hard to get
  • If you have old paraffin candles, they can be disposed of to lubricate the hinges

b) Dissolving the wax

Use an electric cooker to melt the wax. Heat it until it melts completely. Do not use a gas stove; when the wax reaches the boiling point, flammable vapors are formed. If you do not have an electric cooker, you can use the microwave. Set it for two minutes. Thanks to this, it will melt uniformly.

  • For safety, check the temperature of the wax using a thermometer. The wax melts at a temperature of about 140 ° C.

c) Wax coating of hinge pins

Pull out the hinges according to the instructions above. Cover the hinge pins with wax. This will provide protection against dust. Make sure you even coat them with a layer of molten wax.

d) Reassembly of the hinges

Wait for the wax to cool and harden. Thanks to this, he will not be dripping. It usually takes about 10 minutes. Close and open the door several times to make sure that the creaky door is no longer your problem.

e) Re-applying wax

It may happen that one layer will not be enough. If this happens, repeat the steps listed above. Do it until the squeaking stops. Wax consumes faster than oil.

3. Use a wire brush to remove rust and dirt

Remember that the lubricating oil and paraffin wax will not be effective if you are dealing with heavy dirt at the hinges. If the creaking door still torments you, then the brigade is your last weapon.

You must remember that oil and wax do not remove dirt. You need a scourer for this. Follow the instructions below.

a) Cleaning rusty hinge pins with a wire brush

If, after using oil or paraffin wax, the door still squeaks, they are certainly covered with heavy dirt. They can also be rusty. Look at the hinges and see if this is the problem. If so, clean them with a scourer.

b) Removing the hinges

Remove the hinges according to the instructions at the top of the text. Remove removed hinges from the sink. Take a scourer and scrape rust.

c) Scraping rust

Druciak is the most effective tool in strong cleaning. Scrape the surface until all the rust and dirt come down. You can also dip the scourer in a cleaning agent before starting cleaning. This is even more effective if you are dealing with persistent dirt or rust.

d) Apply the lubricant

After thoroughly cleaning the hinges, apply oil or a paraffin wax to it, as described above. Refit the hinges in the door frame and get rid of any oil or wax stains.

After learning these instructions, your creaky door will cease to be a squeaky door.

In fact, it would be enough to use the WD-40 multifunctional product to forget about this problem.


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