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How do you clean and maintain your
lawn mower blades ?


Proper maintenance and cleanliness of gardening equipment is essential in ensuring its long-term durability, and also helps to ensure the safety and maintenance of a clean and tidy lawn. Lawn mowers are one of the most important equipment for maintaining lawns, and make it look neat and fresh. Keeping the mower blades clean and properly sharpening is necessary for even grass trimming. It also prevents the spread of infections and diseases by incorrect cutting of the lawn – damage to the soil. This can be achieved by cleaning mowers. Proper maintenance and maintaining the cleanliness of the mower reduces the likelihood of such phenomena occurring. This will make it easier to clean the mower.

Immediately after mowing, clean the mower – otherwise the grass will adhere to the blades and dry to form a hard shell. Cleaning and maintaining mower knives is not difficult. All it takes is a few easy, simple and uncomplicated tasks and cleaning is finished! The following is the procedure for cleaning mower blades:

Step 1

First, make sure that working with very sharp mower knives does not endanger your safety. Remember to wear strong gloves to protect against serious injuries during work.

Step 2

Empty the mower engine’s fuel tank. Turn the mower upside down to access the knives and clean them. Empty the mower engine’s fuel tank, otherwise the fuel will flow out of the tank. You can use a manual suction pump to remove fuel from the tank or use it completely before cleaning.

Step 3

The mower will be washed with water – therefore make sure that no electricity will flow through it. To do this, disconnect the cable from the spark plug body. This eliminates the risk of accidentally activating the mower when cleaning the knives. Pull the spark plug housing cable upwards so that it is securely detached from the spark plug. In some cases, it is necessary to use a key to unscrew the screws.

Step 4

Rinse the blades and housing with a water hose. In this way all dried debris and grass adhering to the knives and housing are removed. It is best to use the water under relatively high pressure – this will remove all accumulated sediments and dried grass. Place the mower on its side and rinse until the dried grass is removed as much as possible.

Step 5

Use a brush to clean the blades and housing. A hard bristle brush is best for this purpose – it removes all dried dirt that can not be removed by pressurized water.

Step 6

After cleaning, the knife should be removed from the mower. Remove the knife from the housing with a ratchet wrench. This requires the use of force and sometimes the use of an additional arm / leverage system /. Therefore, we recommend using a long-ratchet wrench for this.

Step 7

Thoroughly clean the blade on both sides. The removed knife can easily be sharpened with a whetstone. Be especially careful when sharpening – the blades are very sharp and can cause serious cuts if they are handled incorrectly.

Step 8

After cleaning and sharpening the blades and cleaning the housing – preserve these elements. The only thing you need for this – it’s the middle of WD-40 . It is an excellent means for cleaning the mower. Covering knives and mower housing with WD-40 spray eliminates sticking of grass to these elements and protects them against corrosion. Thanks to this, the mower can work without interruption for a long time. It is one of the best means to clean the lawn mower and ensure its functioning in ideal conditions for a long time. In addition, it facilitates and accelerates the cleaning and maintenance of mowers in the future.

Step 9

After lubricating the blades and the mower housing, reinstall it. Put on the knife and check that it is firmly attached to the socket. Then turn the mower to the correct position, connect the cable to the spark plug body and fill the tank with fuel. The mower is ready to work.

Cleaning mower blades does not take much time. If it is done properly and regularly – it extends the life of the device and improves its effectiveness, because the sharpened knives cut the grass to the right height. WD-40 , this is the best means to clean the mower. Covering the blades with the spray of this agent protects the blades against corrosion and dirt deposits and ensures their long life.


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