Co mają do zaoferowania produkty typu Contact Cleaner?

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Where to use the Contact Cleaner product?


The name “contact cleaner” is ignored by most of the current population. However, when we think about people from the old school, they seem to know even too much about what such measures can do. Simply put, Contact Cleaner is usually a can filled with compressed air and a cleaning agent that evaporates. Many cleaning agents (or their blends) may be applicable here; however, isopropyl alcohol is the best choice. The purpose of using the Contact Cleaner is to clean the electrical components so that they can function without any problems for a longer period of time.

Regardless of what the electrical elements are soiled with – oil, grease, rust or parts of food – the contact cleaner will effectively remove them and restore the initial state. On the market you will find contact cleaners of equal brands, which means a wide variety in terms of quality and specifications. However, most of them do the following:


As mentioned above, the contact cleaner is mainly used to clean electrical parts. This preparation can be used to get rid of many types of dirt from the surface of electrical components. However, the question arises: why is it so important? First of all, everyone wants the electrical part to look good and does not spoil the view of a beautiful clean house, right? Secondly, foreign elements, such as dirt, hinder the operation of electrical components. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the electrical contacts and other elements of this type so that they retain the best form for a long time.

WD-40 Specialist Contact Cleaner is the ideal solution for this case. With its advanced formula, removing all foreign elements from delicate electrical parts is not a problem. For electronics, accuracy and precision in cleaning are particularly important. Thanks to this, the maintenance is carried out accurately and safely. That’s why the WD-40 Specialist Contact Cleaner will work very well here . It has a special straw that provides a precise application. Remember to follow the instructions of manufacturers of all electrical components using this preparation.

It removes oxidation

A more important advantage of contact cleaners is that they are able to remove oxidation from sensitive electronic and electrical devices. Most electrical equipment – switches and audio sliders, for example – encounter contact oxidation problems. This is because there is a low voltage. This problem does not apply to high voltage switches. The solution could be to cover the contacts with gold or silver … but why should anyone do it? The cost of covering the surface with metal such as gold will definitely exceed the costs of replacing the switch with a new one, right? To save you hard earned money and to avoid replacing electrical parts from time to time, we suggest using a contact cleanser.

WD-40 Specialist Contact Cleaner is perfect for this. Regardless of whether the electrical components are already covered with rust or you want to protect them against it. A special applicator is key here because using too much preparation can end in a catastrophe. The layer of this preparation from WD-40 not only protects electrical parts against oxidation and corrosion but also does it safely!

It does not leave a trace

Jedną z kluczowych zalet dobrej jakości contact cleanerów jest to, że nie pozostawiają one po sobie żadnych resztek lub pozostawiają ich bardzo mało. Dlatego jest to tak istotne? Otóż, wyobraź sobie, że używasz preparatu na bardzo cennym sprzęcie elektronicznym i pozostawia on resztki po użyciu. Jak myślisz, co się wtedy stanie? Na początku, okaże się, że masz przed sobą jeszcze większy problem niż wcześniej, ponieważ brud i kurz będzie przylepiał się do tego, co zostało. A to całkiem zniszczy Twój sprzęt. Dlatego też, należy używać najlepszej jakości preparatów.

WD-40 Specialist Contact Cleaner is ideal when it dries quickly and does not leave any marks. By using this measure, you can be sure that after the work is done, you will not get messy. It also means that you can use this contact cleaner also if you want to clean other surfaces like plastic or rubber. What more do you want?


Considering what can offer good quality contact cleaners such as the one from WD-40, it can be stated that they are ideal for cleaning electrical equipment. They will deal with everything from removing the chicken to protection against oxidation. Using this type of preparations may be old-fashioned, but why deny yourself such wisdom, right?


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