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Rust is the result of iron and oxygen. From the chemical point of view, rust is iron oxide. All you need to do is a small trace of rust on your car, toys, household items, and your heart beats harder. So what can you do? „Scars” in the form of rust can destroy any metal beauty.

The effect of rust is not just a hard view. If you leave rust unattended, you can be sure that this is a heavy issue. An object attacked by rust will simply be eaten by it.

This means that if you see, you must take care of it. It can not be delayed. We have a clean rust:

Vinegar can make it sour

Acetic acid is one of the best means by which rust removal will become a trifle. It works best if the rusty surfaces are small and can be easily be removed. For example, if the nail caught the rust, you can put it in vinegar bottles – so that it can be completely immersed in the liquid. After soaking, shake the bottle well, and then leave the nail in vinegar for at least one day. After pulling the bottle out of the bottle, it should be like a new one. If it is not, leave it still for some time.

Salt and lemon rarely fail

Do you know what is the best alternative to acetic acid? This is of course citric acid. And how best to deal with rusty parts that are difficult to pull out? That’s how you need to use salt and lemon. Sprinkle with rusty surfaces. In such quantity that it covers them completely. Then squeeze lemon juice on it. Leave salt and lemon juice for two hours to allow them to work.

Now you can scrape rust. You can do this using a lemon peel that has been squeezed out. It will not damage the surface you are trying to save.

Toiletries have more uses than you think

If the lemon juice method does not work, you can use baking soda. Put some baking soda in a bowl. The paste is not too big, so it can not run too much. Put the finished paste on the rusty surface and leave for a few hours. In the meantime, get a toothbrush – a toothbrush that you do not use anymore. Use a brush to scrape the rust. When finished, the rusted surfaces will look like new.

For best results, or for places where it is difficult to get, use WD-40 Penetrant . It penetrates deeply into corroded and hard-to-reach places. It not only breaks down the rust particles but also leaves a protective layer on the surface, so that in the future the rust will not come back.

Try to scrape it

If none of the methods listed above works, or the surface is too rusty, you can try to scrape it using muscle strength. You will need a scraper. The choice of the device you will scrape rust must be done carefully. Be careful not to damage objects even more than they are already damaged.

When nothing works

Sometimes the rust is such that you can not remove it with a soft scraper, eg with sandpaper. To avoid cleaning your treasures with a screwdriver, you can use the instructions below to use the WD-40 . Thanks to this, you will get rid of rust and protect objects at the same time:

  1. Spray the rusted surfaces with WD-40 so that they cover completely. Leave for at least ten minutes.
  2. When the WD-40 softens the rust, scrape it carefully to get rid of it completely.
  3. Spray the surface again using WD-40 and leave for 10 minutes.
  4. Now use sandpaper. Depending on how big the rust was, you can use differently sized paper.
  5. If there is still rust, use the WD-40 again and scrape off what has been used, for example, using a wire brush.
  6. Spray the surface of WD-40 for the last time, which does not work in the future.

Rust removal is a process that should be started when you do it. Left rust, it will eat into metal until it completely destroys it. There are many ways to use the WD-40.


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